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Leaders are made not born – developing emotional intelligence in project management

By Russell Kenrick, Managing Director at ILX Group | 18 August 2015

Some people have more emotional intelligence than others. This does not mean that they have a mystic ability to read other people’s thoughts. Emotional intelligence is as much to do with understanding yourself as it is to do with understanding someone else’s beliefs and motivations. Project m...

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PRINCE2 Agile – conflict becomes collaboration

By Russell Kenrick, Managing Director at ILX Group | 10 August 2015

Until recently project managers followed either the PRINCE2® methodology or were advocates of agile. Any gathering of project managers would be painfully like a school disco, with agile aficionados lining one wall and PRINCE2 cliques lining the other. Of course, in reality everyone had shared goals...

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Plugging the skills gap – what skills are organisations looking for?

By Russell Kenrick, Managing Director at ILX Group | 3 August 2015

It doesn’t matter how well project managers understand the methodologies – if they can’t communicate with people in the project, fail to lead from the front and don’t have a sound understanding of the commercial place of the project within the organisation they will not be successful. How can we cre...

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Project management –an ecosystem not a function

By Mike Saville, Programme and Project Management Consultant and PRINCE2® consultant with the ILX Group. | 15 July 2015

Successful programme and project management is a complicated and organic process. It is an ecosystem that needs intelligent design if it is to come to fruition, aided by the warmth and light of good leadership, fertilised by effective project management. Sending people on box ticking training cours...

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Managing Benefits – why it matters

By Anne McGrath, Trainer and Consultant at ILX Group | 13 July 2015

Organisations are spending a lot of money on projects and programmes, but many are not seeing the benefit. Even worse, some organisations do not even realise that they are failing to see any return on their investment because they are not measuring the results. This situation is partly the result of...

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Hold on to your project manager stars

By Dennis Sheehan, MAPM, MCMI Senior Training Consultant at ILX Group | 10 July 2015

Competition for the best project management talent is hotting up. With over a third of organisations planning to hire project managers in the next year, hanging on to the best people will be a challenge. It is particularly difficult to reward and promote project managers as there is no clearly defin...

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Best practice change management starts with people

By Andy West, Consultant at ILX Group | 8 July 2015

The only thing that is constant in business is change. In the US merger and acquisition activity leaped to 5,051 deals worth $1.5tn in 2014, up from 3,995 transactions worth $937bn in 2013. Organisations that are not buying other businesses or being bought themselves are busy bringing new products a...

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