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Hold on to your project manager stars

Competition for the best project management talent is hotting up. With over a third of organisations planning to hire project managers in the next year, hanging on to the best people will be a challenge. It is particularly difficult to reward and promote project managers as there is no clearly defin...

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Best practice change management starts with people

The only thing that is constant in business is change. In the US merger and acquisition activity leaped to 5,051 deals worth $1.5tn in 2014, up from 3,995 transactions worth $937bn in 2013. Organisations that are not buying other businesses or being bought themselves are busy bringing new products a...

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Time to add risk management to IT projects

IT projects are still failing with depressing regularity – in the past year the Ministry of Justice gave up on a failed £56m IT project while the BBC’s high profile IT project failure cost £98.4m. IT projects are continuing to fail for the same reasons they always have –poorly defined requirements,...

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Difficulties of Change Management and how to deal with it

We live in a changing world. Technology, governments and legislation change frequently. Companies merge with or acquire other companies and bring out new products and services. There is pressure on organisations to be better, bigger and faster. Failure to respond to the imperative of change tends to...

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ILX calls for organisations to embrace a company-wide culture of risk management

...Practical ways to manage risk and determine better outcomes in an uncertain world... LONDON – Tuesday 2nd December 2014 – ILX, the global Best Practice learning company, has called for organisations to embrace a company-wide culture of building risk consideration into key corporate decisions. In...

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ILX launches UK APMG-International 'Change Management' courses to help organisations better manage business transformation

...Classroom courses available from 24th October 2014 in London, Birmingham and Nantwich... LONDON – Tuesday 16th September 2014 – ILX, the global Best Practice learning company, has announced that it will launch a new series of classroom based APMG-International Change Management Practitioner and...

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ILX exhibiting at Project Challenge Expo 2014, 14 – 15 October, Olympia London

...ILX Connect helps to bridge the gap between the learner and administrator... LONDON – Wednesday 24th September 2014– ILX, the global Best Practice learning company, has announced that it will be exhibiting at Project Challenge Expo 2014. ILX will be available to advise on a wide range of Best Pr...

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