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Which Project Management Course is best for you?

Want to make your mark on the world of project management but don’t quite know where to start? We have you covered, read on to learn more about the many courses we offer, and which may suit you best.

Just starting out in Project Management?

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If you are looking to dip your toe into the vast world of project management qualifications these are the best for you.


This course is perfect is you have no project management experience, as it will teach you all the fundamentals of project management, such as planning and resource management, alongside key soft skills such as communication that will aid in successful project delivery.


This is one of the most popular methodologies for Project Managers with 59% of project managers holding a PRINCE2 qualification. PRINCE2 gives you a firm grounding in the core skills needed to successfully manage a project through a series of 7 processes.

Already a qualified in PRINCE2 or APM and looking to add to your skills?

If you are already well versed in the basics of project management, you can never have too many tools at your disposal. These courses will help build upon what you already know and make you even more indispensable.

Management of Value (MoV)

MoV will teach you the most efficient use of resources to maximize the benefits from portfolios, programmes and projects, by combining a set of principles, processes and techniques.

Change Management

This will let you learn more about the many different types of change that can affect an organisation with Change Management, and get yourself fully equipped with all the skills you need to effectively deliver change within your business.

Management of Risk (M_o_R)

This course will stop you from risking everything. It incorporates all the activities required to identify and control the exposure to any type of risk, positive or negative, which may have an impact on the achievement of your organisation's business objectives.


AgilePM provides you with the core principles needed to facilitate a successful project, whilst allowing a degree of scope and agility that not many other methodologies provide. It will give you proven scalability and the ability to work with corporate management processes.

Are you looking to branch out into something new?

Looking to move into a different field, or just want to understand how the other departments work so things can become more cohesive within your projects? These are great courses to help you understand the fundamentals.


Why not let ITIL teach you how to effectively manage your IT recourses to deliver business value more efficiently? It describes how IT resources should be organised to deliver business value, documenting the processes, functions and roles of IT Service Management.

Managing Benefits

This course will teach you how to focus on the measurable benefits you need to deliver and satisfy the strategic objectives of your organisation. Allowing you to focus resources on the most beneficial activities.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

If you’re not already working within finance, but need to get an understanding of it, this course will teach you all the basics you would need. Learn how your business decisions impact the financial health of your organisation, with relevant in interactive exercises to assist in your understanding of the financial concepts needed by all manages.

Better Business Cases

According to recent research, many projects commence with an optimistic Business Case which is often poorly written. Learn how to build a comprehensive business case at the start of your project, so that you can see the return on investment that you want.

Looking to move into Programmes and Portfolios?

Wanting to take on bigger things in project management? These courses will provide you with a full understanding of portfolio and programme management.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

Looking to move away from just one project, discover how to manage a set of projects in a programme, through MSP’s principles and processes. The objectives of these programmes are usually at a strategic level, so the organisation can improve in its business operations.

Managing of Portfolios (MoP)

Learn how to decide which change initiatives with contribute positively towards your overall strategic objectives and will be worth investing in. Investment is the key word because portfolio management is about investing in the right change initiatives and implementing them correctly.


The P30 guidance is aligned with the other Global Best Practice guidance’s, and brings them together in one set of principles, process and techniques. Learn how to facilitate effective portfolio programme and project management through enablement, challenge and support structures.


If you are still not sure which course is best suited for you, contact a member of our team to discuss your particular needs and they will be more than happy to assist.