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What does the change from ‘themes’ to ‘practices’ in PRINCE2® 7 mean for you and your organisation?

This Autumn PRINCE2® 7 is set to launch and there are a few changes to the well-known project management framework. One of these updates involves a change in terminology from the ‘7 themes’ to ‘7 practices’.

The term practice is used often in project and programme management, so the PRINCE2 7 guidance has been updated to reflect this.  These are actions a project manager should take to ensure that best practice is followed throughout the project lifecycle, to ensure it remains on budget, within time constraints, and meets requirements.

What are the 7 practices?

The practices in PRINCE2 7 are:

  • Business case: The business case should be used by project managers to ensure a project remains desirable, viable and achievable, as well as documenting its business justification
  • Organising: The purpose of this practice is to establish the structure of a project, clearly defining each team members responsibilities, and the things they will be held accountable for
  • Plans: This practice encourages project managers to clearly outline the products that will be delivered, how this will be done, and the estimates of when and for how much
  • Quality: The main purpose of this practice is to ensure that the delivered output meets user standards and requirements
  • Risk: This practice aims to identify, assess, and control uncertainties that may affect the project objectives and impact its output
  • Issues: Previously referred to as the ‘change’ theme, in PRINCE2 6th The purpose of this practice is to assess potential issues and control changes that may have an impact the project
  • Progress: A key component of project management is ensuring that a project remains in line with its objectives and stays on course for delivery at the given time and budget. The progress practice equips project managers with the skills and knowledge needed to do this

What are the benefits of successful ‘practice’ application?

There are many benefits of successfully applying the PRINCE2 7 practices to your projects, including:

  • Enhanced project management skills
  • Improved project success rates
  • Increased employability
  • More efficient use of time and resources
  • And more!

Want to learn more about PRINCE2 7?

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