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Top ILX Certifications to Advance Your Career

  1. APMG-International Change Management ™

The ability to adapt to change, be it tactical or structural, is vital for the survival of any business. The AMPG qualification shows how to minimise risks resulting from failed business changes. The APMG is ideal for business change managers and project managers aspiring to oversee change initiatives.

The Foundation qualification provides the knowledge and understanding for informal participation in organised change initiatives. Practitioner enables learners to apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.  Exam preparation for the qualification is self-study, with no formal prerequisites. We offer e-learning, classroom and blended learning courses starting from £315.


  1. APMG – International Agile PM®

The AMPG International Agile PM qualification teaches participants to continuously improve their projects through rapid customer and client feedback. This requires a fluid conception of a project’s end results, and the ability to assign resources accordingly. With technology enabling instant communication and remote collaboration, a qualification in Agile project management is ideal for the contemporary workforce.

The APMP International Agile examination is a 40 minute, closed book exam with 50 multiple choice questions and a 50% percent pass mark. The ILX Group has an e-learning course that takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to complete. Purchasing the e-learning course for £420 will enable 12 months of access to the learning materials as well as the final exam.

  1. Management of Value (MoV)®

A MoV qualification shows your desire to maximise your company’s return on investment. As well as this, it shows you can think innovatively to ensure consistency during market fluctuation. It’s ideal for individuals in a management role. That can include corporate managers, project managers or operational managers.

You can prepare for the MoV examination through an accredited online e-learning course from ILX Group. It consists of interactive exercises and multimedia resources, backed up with full tutorial support and a mock exam simulator. Purchasing the e-learning course for £399 will give you 12 months’ access. It should take approximately 6 hours to complete.

  1. Management of Risk (M_o_R®)

Many companies hire individuals for what they achieve at their company’s best, without knowing how they’d react to the worst. Becoming M_o_R certified shows a commitment and responsibility to compromising business situations. Candidates are equipped to promote a vital culture of responsibility in the workplace. That’s why this qualification stands out to potential employers.

The Foundation examination for M_o_R has a 1 hour duration, consisting of 75 questions, with a 50% pass mark. Prepare for the M_o_R exam with a choice of classroom and e-learning courses. Candidates seeking the Foundation and Practitioner qualification can register for a blended learning course.