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project management resolutions

Top 5 project management resolutions

As the bells chime twelve and a new year commences, we load ourselves with resolutions for being a better person – fitter, healthier, wealthier and better at our jobs. There is a lot to be gained by vowing to become a better project manager in 2020, but remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream! Here are five actionable resolutions you can adopt for the year ahead.

1. Say no more

Make 2020 the year you become tougher, especially if you’re a self-confessed ‘people pleaser’. Not only will this improve your time management, it can go a long way to avoiding burnout. Overstretching yourself and your team can be hugely detrimental in the long term. Studies show that two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout, and project management professionals are believed to be at a higher risk.

By simply saying ‘no’ more, you can avoid unnecessary scope creep, and save yourself and your team a lot of time. Cancel meetings that aren’t really necessary, and learn to separate what is truly urgent from what can wait.

2. Prioritise self-development

Make a commitment to developing your own potential this year. Change-averse leaders risk failure and will struggle to compete in an ever-evolving business climate, so don’t get complacent or see upskilling as a chore.

Instead, make self-development a priority by scheduling it into your working week. It could be as simple as an hour catching up on industry news or studying some of the best global business leaders. Even seasoned leaders can learn a lot from upskilling with an advanced course. Continually educating yourself can drastically improve the way you do business, and can be instrumental in your success.

3. Lead by example

One of the best commitments you can make is ‘being the change you want to see in the world’. In work terms, for a project manager this can be as simple as leading by example. If you want a team who are actively engaged, passionate and committed to a project, then ensure you are demonstrating those same values too.

Similarly, if you want a better work environment, then remember you are in a position of power to make this happen. Complete transparency can go a long way to improving company culture. Achieve this by keeping your employees in the loop with developments.

4. Experiment more

Just as you have committed to educating yourself more, vow to experiment more this year too. Playing it safe limits progression, so take a look at what ways you and the company can try new things in order to advance.

Perhaps you could invest in a new technology, or maybe you have bigger plans such as overhauling your entire organisational structure. You could even test out having away days or volunteering afternoons – this goes back to improving company culture. Whatever it may be, experimenting can be greatly beneficial to you, your team and the company.

5. Build connections

Get out and meet your peers at industry meet-ups, talks and networking events. This is not only great to gain knowledge from inspirational people; it is an ideal way to step back from your project and perhaps see it in a new light. These insights you gain from fellow industry professionals can likely be applied to your practices as well.