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Business Skills: training Improve your communication, leadership and stakeholder management skills
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Course type: Virtual
Duration: One day
Delivery: Virtual

Business Skills: Delegation and setting goals that work virtual

By the end of the workshop, participants will become skilled in developing their team's capabilities through effective delegation and goal setting.

About the course

The workshop highlights the importance of delegation as a means of increasing the motivation, agility, and responsibility of team members while reducing the burden on the leader. True leadership is developing others through delegation. Effective delegation requires effective goal setting, and this workshop addresses both aspects by providing participants with practical tools and strategies to delegate tasks appropriately and set achievable goals. Participants will learn how to identify what tasks to delegate, who to delegate to, and how to delegate effectively to ensure that their team members are equipped to handle the delegated tasks.

The workshop is a hands-on experience that enables participants to practice delegation and goal setting in real-world scenarios. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of how to delegate tasks with confidence and achieve more while growing the skills of their team. They will be able to let go of certain tasks and trust that they will be accomplished, allowing them to focus on higher-level responsibilities.

What is virtual classroom training?

ILX’s virtual instructor-led training combines the personal teaching experience of a classroom, with the ease and flexibility of a virtual environment. Our virtual courses are interactive and engaging, allowing participants to communicate with both the instructor and each other in a collaborative manner.Please review our FAQs for more information relating to virtual learning, including the technical specifications.

Please note:  Access to relevant materials is provided after the course via a QR code.


This is an intensive one-day course.


There are no formal pre-requisites for attending this course.

Learning objectives

This workshop provides you with a greater ability to:

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for the importance of delegation in developing the capability of individuals and teams.
  • Delegate in a variety of circumstance based on will/ability factors and business needs.
  • Set clear goals that stretch individuals without breaking them and understand the correct level of direction vs autonomy that is required.
  • Delegate and set goals in way that motivates and excites team members.
  • Analyse task lists to ensure the correct tasks are delegated, based upon the urgency and importance of those tasks.
  • Question, understand, translate and cascade tasks that have been set by a higher authority.
  • Adapt, and train teams to adapt, when factors connected to a task or goal change.

There is no pre-course prior to attending this course. 

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