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Personal Effectiveness Know-How Planning for Project Managers classroom

This course is only available as an in-house option.

About the course

Project-level Knowledge Management (KM) Plans have become increasingly popular recently, with the recognition that critical knowledge failures can cost millions of pounds- or even human lives.

Know-How Planning is a methodology for integrating knowledge capture and lesson learning into existing business processes, especially project and programme management. This course explains how to develop a Know-How Plan alongside other front-end project planning activities.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the impact of failing to manage knowledge effectively
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Know-How Planning
  • Know the value Know-How Planning can bring to project and programme management.
  • Be able to explain the concepts and benefits to others
  • Understand methodology behind the development of a Know-How Plan
  • Key Know-How tools and techniques and how to use them

What's covered?

  • Understanding the difference between knowledge and information
  • Learn how to assess Know-How requirements
  • Identifying and managing knowledge assets and risks
  • How to develop a project level Know-How Plan
  • How to apply Know-How methodology
  • Supporting tools and techniques

Target audience

This programme is suitable for all project and programme managers. No prior experience of knowledge management is necessary.

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