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Personal Effectiveness Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) classroom

This course is only available as an in-house option.

About the course

Many of the NLP models were created by studying people who did things extremely well – in this sense it is the study of human excellence. The tools and techniques identified through these studies help you to instigate positive changes in both yourself and others.


Learning objectives

  • Use the core NLP skills and techniques to build collaborative relationships
  • Establish rapport with everyone you interact with
  • Learn to create motivational outcomes and overcome barriers to success
  • Discover how to build and maintain your confidence in challenging situations
  • Learn how to incorporate the techniques and tools on NLP into your everyday life

What's covered?

  • Understanding NLP: What is it? Competency modelling and the four pillars of NLP
  • Creating rapport and relationships: assessing your own and colleagues’ language patterns; using language patterns to motivate and influence others; creating instant rapport through matching and mirroring
  • Learning to appreciate personal differences: everyone has a different map of the world, learn to appreciate others’ view points and create greater behavioural choice and options when dealing with others
  • The power of the unspoken word: reorganise your thinking by changing your language; learn precision questioning techniques to elicit better quality information
  • Build confidence and develop positive behaviours: understand and flex your own emotional state in challenging situations; learn to restrict unhelpful thoughts, habits and feelings and reframe them into more helpful versions

Target audience

Suitable for anyone who wishes to learn about NLP or to improve their communication and motivation skills.

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