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Blended learning
12 hours plus 2 days
Blended learning
P3O manual
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P3O® Foundation & Practitioner blended learning

ILX Group’s accredited P3O Foundation and Practitioner blended learning contains all of the training and materials you need to attain both the Foundation and Practitioner qualifications in P3O.

Course overview

About the course

The course combines interactive multimedia training, workshops, video, practical exercises using our P3O project simulation, mock exam simulators and paper-based exercises.Using the latest developments in e-learning this course will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the scope, content and structure of the P3O method to fully prepare you for the P3O Foundation exam. The highly interactive P3O Foundation exam simulator will give you a real-time opportunity to practice your exam technique prior to attempting the real exam. 

The Foundation and Practitioner blended learning includes a two day workshop for you to work through some sample questions in an engaging and interactive manner, led by a P3O expert who will have the practical experience you will find invaluable to pass your P3O Practitioner exam. You will have access to a P3O training expert throughout the entire programme and during the additional two-day workshop you will be given invaluable additional hints and tips on passing the P3O exams. Both examinations are taken during the two-day workshop.

What's covered?


P3O overview

  • What a P3O is and why it is relevant
  • Who the P3O guidance is aimed at
  • The differences between projects, programmes, and portfolio management

P3O services and functions

  • The objectives of each functional or service area
  • Strategic planning, delivery support and centre of excellence
  • Assurance services, through gated reviews or audit
  • P3O governance

Model structures

  • Services and functions delivered through various design models
  • What kind of model to deploy
  • The reporting structure of a P3O model
  • Critical success factors of a P3O structure
  • Information assurance for projects and programmes

How to operate a P3O

  • Portfolio prioritisation, management dashboards, information portals and knowledge management
  • Some of the facilitated workshops a P3O may be asked to lead
  • Business process swim-lane diagrams and the benefits they can bring
  • How approaches can be tailored for different demands

P3O roles and responsibilities

  • Management, generic and functional P3O roles
  • The purpose of each role, and be aware of some of the key responsibilities of each
  • How the roles might be implemented within the various P3O models
  • Some of the key skills and competencies needed within a P3O

Developing a P3O business case, why have a P3O?

  • The benefits of a P3O, and the capabilities of a P3O
  • The principles for extracting value. A value matrix
  • What performance improvements can be expected

How to implement or re-energise a P3O

  • A blueprint for a programme of change, for a successful P3O
  • The lifecycle needed for P3O implementation
  • How to setup and run a temporary office structure

Case studies

  • A large, bureaucratic organisation delivering health services to various government departments across Europe
  • A medium-sized organisation delivering hardware and software solutions to their broad customer base
  • A small organisation delivering construction project management for their clients

P3O Foundation examination technique

  • How to approach the P3O examination 

P3O examination simulator 

  • Featuring sample questions from the P3O examination, using the correct timing and providing feedback for each question 

PLUS ...

Additional free resources for implementing a P3O, analysing the environment, and a self assessment of maturity.



Introduction to the P3O Practitioner

P3O Practitioner scenarios

  • Models applied to case studies
  • Functions and Services
  • Implementing a P3O
  • Business cases for a P3O
  • Identifying the roles and responsibilities of a P3O

Marking up the P3O manual

Practical Practitioner exercises

Practitioner exam technique

Practitioner exam practice

Also includes...

  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Detailed exercises
  • Exam questions, answers and marking guides
  • Guide to exam technique
  • Full technical support

Target audience

This course conforms to the syllabus for those delegates wishing to gain both P3O Foundation & Practitioner level certifications. This course would benefit:

  • SRO’s/programme directors and managers
  • Portfolio/programme/project office managers
  • Project or programme office support staff and project managers

What's included?


  • 12 months online access to our accredited P3O course
  • Official P3O manual
  • P3O Foundation mock exam simulator
  • P3O Foundation and Practitioner exam fees (exams are taken during the two-day workshop and can be taken up to 12 months after purchase
  • Two-day classroom workshop - can be taken up to 12 months after purchase.

Duration of access

12 months

Course videos

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