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Management Introduction to Management classroom

This two-day training programme is designed to give newly appointed or soon-to-be appointed managers the confidence and skills to begin their management journey. The course will support you in learning how to:

  • Inspire individuals and teams to achieve personal and organisational goals
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the manager
  • Consider your individual approach to working with others and how this affects performance and outcomes


Two Days

Learning objectives

  • To define the term 'management' and know the core skills that make an effective manager
  • Identify the key areas of responsibility of a manager and consider personal strengths and areas for development, use of self-analysis to identify management preferences
  • Understand how to set team and individual objectives and how to link them to the performance cycle
  • Team building – understanding of team dynamics and the stages of building a high performing team
  • Maintaining performance – understand how to use motivational theories effectively to get the best from your team

What's covered?

  • Understanding the management role: how the role has changed, key responsibilities of the manager, management behaviours
  • Developing your style: analysis of the different approaches to management, personal profiles and preferences, the advantages of a flexible style and the dangers of using just one style, self-reflection to identify strengths and development areas of personal style
  • Performance management: SMART objective setting, understanding and integrating objectives into the performance management cycle, coaching for improved performance
  • Team dynamics and motivation: key stages of team development and performance and the management strategies required at each stage, understanding what motivates/demotivates people and the theories of motivation, strategies to build and maintain a highly motivated team
  • Personal Learning Logs: an opportunity to reflect on what has been covered during the course and to identify key actions to for the workplace

Target audience

First-time managers or recently appointed managers, looking to become fully effective in their new role. This course also meets the needs of experienced managers seeking additional training or a refresher course.

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