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Desktop IT Intermediate Excel classroom

About the course

Building on your existing knowledge of Excel, this course includes formulas that link worksheets together and linking workbooks, getting Excel to make decisions using the IF function and adding conditional formatting to highlight certain data. You will learn how to create templates for commonly used worksheets and protect data using the security features. You will gain an insight into data tables and use Excel lookup features to automate worksheets. This course will also enable you to create, build and customise graphs including plotting trend lines. You will learn how to use the new sparklines features and data bar enhancements.

Learning objectives

  • Be able to use Excel to make decisions using the IF function
  • Understand conditional formatting and highlighting certain data
  • Be able to use lookup functions for range and exact matches
  • Know how to use the new Quick Analysis tools and sparklines, apply filters and sort larger data sets
  • Work with tables and see how useful they can be

What's covered?

  • Review of Excel fundamentals
  • Absolute and relative references
  • Utilising range names
  • Building 3-D worksheets
  • Protecting your formulas – security
  • Group editing
  • IF statements
  • Understanding lookup functions
  • Setting up VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP
  • Using range and exact match types
  • Database features
  • Filtering data with slicers
  • Sorting data
  • Adding filters
  • New table features
  • Creating a calculated column
  • Utilising conditional formatting
  • Adding sparklines
  • New formatting enhancements
  • Quick Analysis
  • Creating a chart
  • Printing

Target audience

This course is suitable for those who have attended the introductory course or have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the basics of Excel.

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