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Communication Presentation Skills classroom

About the course

Presenting is for life, not just for business. This two-day course will show you how to overcome your fears and deliver a presentation with real impact. You will learn to see the subject from the audience's perspective and to structure content for clarity and memory retention. Practical exercises throughout will help you make real progress and see immediate results from individual coaching and feedback.


Two Days

Learning objectives

  • Gain genuine self-belief and confidence in your presenting ability by overcoming nerves and changing your mind-set
  • The ability to engage your audience and keep them interested throughout your presentation
  • An enhanced ability to project your voice and present in an authoritative manner
  • Focused and specific feedback on areas for improvement and the elements of what you do that are really effective

What's covered?

  • What makes a presentation successful? The profile of a successful and persuasive presenter
  • Coping with nerves – the psychology and physiology of presenting
  • Five key steps for preparing a presentation – getting the right message to the right audience
  • Structuring a presentation to ensure your audience stays with you
  • How to deliver your presentation memorably and with maximum impact
  • Key guidelines, hints and tips for using visual aids effectively
  • Dealing with questions from your audience with confidence

Target audience

Anyone who wants to deliver their presentations more effectively, confidently and with impact.

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