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Communication Communication Excellence classroom

About the course

The way you interact with others can be the key to your workplace and business success. Whether communicating under pressure, managing challenging relationships, or looking to build lasting rapport, your interpersonal style and competence can make or break your chances of successful achievement. This course teaches you how to capitalise on your existing skills, fine-tune your approach and build a strategy for communicating with real impact.


Learning objectives

  • Accurately define effective communication and the processes involved
  • Identify and deal with behaviours that trigger conflict
  • Learn how to manage conflict appropriately, professionally and confidently
  • Use and practice a variety of conflict management tools and techniques

What's covered?

  • Identifying the qualities and attributes of great communicators
  • Understanding the dangers of making assumptions and the importance of testing understanding
  • Understanding the difference between hearing, listening and active listening
  • Asking different kinds of questions in order truly to understand the needs, wants and motives of others – ‘Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.’
  • Maximising your impact using the three Vs of communication, particularly to make a first impression
  • Identifying your communication style, your communication strengths and development areas
  • Proven conflict management tools and techniques

Target audience

Anyone who needs to communicate effectively in the workplace and those who wish to develop their communication skills to improve relationships either in the workplace or personally.

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