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Business Skills Effective team work classroom

This course is only available as an in-house option.

Have you encountered any of these in project teams:

  • Misunderstandings?
  • People not getting on with one another?
  • Lack of trust (and honesty)?
  • Differing levels of commitment?
  • Poor communication?
  • Difficult’ people?

We all know that teams work best when there are great relationships between team members and where there is open, honest, free-flowing communication. Unfortunately, teams are not always so effective… 

About the course

The skills of teamwork in a modern project context provide the tools and approaches to quickly generate great relationships and interactions. Simple techniques to develop emotional intelligence, awareness of others and great communication set the foundations for healthy and successful teamwork.

This course provides all the understanding, skills and approaches you need to become more effective working in a project team.


1 day

Pre and post workshop exercises can be developed for this course at a small additional cost.

What's covered?

Indicative content:


  • Teams and how they work
  • Effective and ineffective teams 
  • How do project team members work as a team?
  • Improving team effectiveness through effective team work
  • What are the key team skills in your context/role?

Belbin’s team profiles

  • Undertake the profile and discuss 
  • Belbin’s profile explained
  • Develop your action plan (team skills and Belbin’s results) 


  • What is a great working relationship?
  • Personalities and how to assess them
  • Relationships questionnaire (General/research/CIPD/first 100 days/your team/relating to others) 
  • Self-awareness and emotions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Transactional analysis
  • Comms triangle - true rapport
  • Better choices
  • Tough and kind
  • Language and conflict
  • Notice your response


  • Stages of conflict
  • Understanding conflict: models and causes
  • Personal response to conflict 
  • It’s not personal - why we take things personally

Managing expectations

  • What we mean by expectations
  • How expectations impact on working relationships
  • Positive expectations and setting expectations
  • Being judgemental – what does it mean?
  • Neutralising other people's judgements


  • When and why challenge?
  • How to challenge in the right way:
  • Examples of poor challenging 
  • Exercises in challenging appropriately
  • Politeness vs good manners
  • Re-visit your action plan and add areas for improvement


  • Defining the human aspect of communication
  • How does communication fail?
  • Better communication approaches and techniques
  • Practical communication in project teams
  • Communication vehicles (telephone, text, email WhatsApp, Skype etc.)
  • What vehicles are best used for which type of communication?
  • Simple email groundrules
  • Making email a really efficient tool
  • What are your communication strengths and weakness?

Team exercise

  • Using team work in a project team exercise

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