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10 Traits for strong leadership in 2021

By ILX Team | 18 January 2021

January twenty-twenty-one may not have had the positive start we wanted, but it's not too late to turn it around. Set yourself a new ‘New Year’s Resolution’ and gain back control. Take lessons from the last twelve months. Look at what you can hold on to and where you can progress further. Commit to...

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What 2020 has taught us about adaptability

By ILX Team | 4 January 2021

What a year! As professionals we have learned the critical importance of riding the wave. The unexpected earthquake of the global pandemic has shaken each and every element of our lives, and the vibrations are going to be felt for some time yet. And so, one of the biggest takeaways of 2020 is the va...

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Workplace burnout: Recognising the signs

By ILX Team | 14 December 2020

Project professionals are notorious for remaining calm under pressure. They may work long hours, but they pride themselves on perfectionism. Generally speaking, it takes a lot for a project manager to become visibly stressed, making it even more challenging to notice when they are experiencing burno...

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Acting with responsibility in the project profession

By ILX Team | 2 December 2020

Every choice we make has an impact on our planet. This is as true in our personal lives as it is our professional lives, in particular for those of us in decision making roles. We are increasingly discovering not only that we can have real influence over matters of sustainability, ethics and the env...

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How to optimise at-home working

By ILX Team | 23 November 2020

Working from home is here to stay, so we’ve rounded up the best daily habits to practice in order to optimise your day, every day. From tools and software that streamline your workload and get you organised, through to tips and tricks for balancing your well-being each day and for the long term. We’...

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Diversity & inclusion at ILX: where we are now

By ILX Team | 11 November 2020

Back in the summer we spoke out on the subject of “Black Lives Matter”, the first time that we’d done something like that. And for us, that was just the start… over the past few months here at ILX, we’ve been working on our approach to diversity and inclusion, and looking at the positive changes we...

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5 of the biggest external factors affecting projects right now

By ILX Team | 4 November 2020

Societal shifts are having a profound impact on business right now, and projects are no exception. Project managers will have undoubtedly felt the tidal wave of change over their profession recently. So, what are some of the biggest external factors affecting projects currently? And how are these go...

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