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Introducing our new Agile learning path

Projects that are run using an agile approach have been found to be 1.5x more successful than those using a waterfall methodology[1]. Which is why it’s no surprise that in today’s fast-paced world, Agile project management is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for many organisations. Agi...

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Maximising Efficiency: Key project management skills to help you do more with less

Businesses are facing many challenges. They have fewer resources, supply chains are being disrupted, costs are increasing, global economies are seeing a decline in growth, and consumer spending is also being affected by inflation and the cost-of-living crisis. We work with more than 5,000 L&D...

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Analysing the benefits of upskilling employees: A good investment for the future

Employee engagement and productivity are critical components of any successful organisation. And one effective method to enable this is by investing in employee upskilling, as it can have tremendous benefits for both your employees and business. Our research also evidences this, after we found t...

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Learning Disability Week 19-25 June 2023

It’s Learning Disability Week this week, 19-25 June 2023, and the theme for this year is ‘myth busting’. It is an annual event that was established by Mencap to: Educate and raise awareness of learning disabilities Smash stigmas and end discrimination Fight and campaign for a fair socie...

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Introducing our new Azure Cloud Architect Learning Path

Cloud is essentially the provision of software applications and databases that are run on virtual servers and accessed by multiple users through the Internet. Microsoft Azure is the second largest provider of cloud computing solutions, after AWS. There are reportedly around 0.5M customers worldwi...

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Introducing our new Data Analyst Learning Path

It is estimated that over 325 million of terabytes of data is now created daily. Meaning there is a lot of data available to analyse! Becoming a Data Analyst is therefore a great career option because they are essential for businesses. Data Analysts can use technology to inspect, cleanse, transfo...

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Introducing our new Automation Testing Engineer Learning Path

Automation is essentially using technology to replicate specific human actions and activities. This field has accelerated over the last decade or so, due to technological advancements in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics. As they have expedited the speed in which c...

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