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Personal Effectiveness

Course type:

1 day

Without exams

Personal Effectiveness Making an Impact in Meetings classroom

Course overview

About the course

Business meetings are a part of everyday life for many people and can be a great opportunity to get your ideas across, influence others and gain valuable information. This course will show you how to create a confident first impression, which will allow you to build rapport and credibility within the group. You will leave with a practical toolkit that you can apply directly to make an impact at any future meetings you attend.

What's covered?

  • Identifying common problems associated with meetings
  • Setting clear objectives as to what your required outcomes are – creating your own ‘shopping list’
  • How to maximise impact – visually, verbally and vocally
  • Making people flexible and negotiating towards mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Understanding group dynamics and the stages of group maturity
  • Twelve tried and tested ‘top tips’ for making an impact in meetings

Target audience

Anyone who feels that they struggle to stand out during meetings and wants to gain the confidence to participate effectively.

Learning objectives

  • Tools to help you plan for meetings and get maximum value from your participation
  • How to make the right first impression on others
  • The subtleties of body language and understand how people ‘leak’ information
  • The ability to assert yourself positively in a group discussion