Heineken Case Study

Heineken Case Study

"Heineken places great importance on the quality of its managers and (what we call) their knowledge productivity, ILX has been fundamental to helping our managers develop and apply financial skills in their day-to-day jobs; as a result they can make more informed and effective business decisions. The e-learning element means we can bring the same benefits to more managers, faster and for less cost, anywhere in the world," - Heineken's University Learning Consultant

As part of a move towards professional management and control, the finance function needed to be both partner and policemen with management at all levels. This meant that the general management population would have to start interacting with them in a new way- consequently a training intervention was needed to help the business change process.

By leveraging the self-study elements of ILX e-learning courses customised for the client and facilitated management discussions, Heineken was able to build competence and confidence in the finance/control function.

Program emphasis was "Team-based Value Creation in a Changing Environment." As well as this being a change programme, several technical elements up to and including corporate governance were part of the programmes; behavioural elements were used via role-playing and team exercises as the leverage point for understanding the importance of people management.

ILX has helped Heineken with a strategic training initiative to improve the current effectiveness and communication abilities of its managers. In turn, this has enabled the business to re-align the operational structure and management reporting without the risks associated with change of this type.  The Board, Vice-presidents, country management teams and hi-potential managers have all been through the programme, run since 1996. In total, over 800 people have now been trained with a mix of classroom and e-learning sessions. 

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