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What is a Statement of Work?

The Statement of Work (SoW) is easily one of the most important project documents. Created at the start of the project, this is an agreement between a client and an agency. It outlines what the project does and does not include. What does a Statement of Work include? Essentially, the SoW captu...

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Things can only get better…

Forget new year for a fresh start – in today’s fast-paced, digital world, businesses can no longer afford to wait for annual milestones to start making changes in their organisation; adopting an improvement mindset has to become ‘part of the furniture’, as it were. Part of ITIL®’s entire culture...

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What is project scope?

Scoping a project resolves questions and issues related to project goals. The scope determines the deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines. It’s the big picture view of the project. Importance of a project scope Project managers need a clear scope for assigning tasks and scheduling deadlines....

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10 failed projects and the lessons learned

Every project teaches lessons with its successes and failures. Best practice courses highlight the importance of developing a lessons learned mind-set from the outset of the project. Here are 10 major public project failures and the lessons learned from these mistakes. Apple Lisa In the earl...

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What is project management? The PM's role and responsibilities

Project management is applying processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to deliver project objectives. In doing this, the project manager (PM) will constantly refer to timescales and budgets. The project manager makes all this happen, with overall responsibility for the 5 phases of pr...

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Five ways a project management apprenticeship can benefit your business

Project management apprenticeships are important for developing not just the individual, but for the evolution of the project management profession as a whole. They offer the opportunity to re-skill staff, develop local talent and build the necessary competencies within an organisation. Here’s what...

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Scrum methodology overview

Scrum is a software development strategy/framework that you can apply to all kinds of teamwork. Often seen as an agile project management framework, Scrum provides meetings, tools and roles to help a team structure and manage their work. Why is it called ‘Scrum’? Not surprisingly, scrum gets i...

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