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Blended learning: The key to maximising the impact of L&D

According to People Management, 60% of employees would rather climb the career ladder with robust training than boost their wallets; as such it’s perplexing to see organisations slashing their learning and development (L&D) budgets this year. Why this paradox, and what’s the missing link in reco...

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Why is now the time to get serious about sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the second most in-demand skill this year with 78% of organisations planning to invest in it, according to our research. But it’s also something many organisations struggle with, in fact 70% agree it’s a key challenge. Discover more in our 2024 research report blog....

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Generative AI: What is it? And how can you harness it for success?

The prevalence of generative AI tools such as, ChatGPT, is demonstrating the value of AI first-hand to organisations. Which is why it’s unsurprising that AI is the most in-demand skill this year, according to our 2024 research report: ‘Developing an adaptable and productive workforce for the future:...

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The top five challenges facing businesses in 2024

This year businesses find themselves navigating a complex web of challenges as they battle to keep up with the pace of technological change and remain afloat through the cost-of-living crisis, all without losing valuable talent to their competition. So, what are the top five challenges facing bus...

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What steps can your organisation take to support neurodiverse employees?

Our research found that 94% of organisations either currently have or are planning to gain an understanding of how to support neurodiverse employees this year[1]. As our workforces continue to diversify, fostering an inclusive environment is not just the right thing to do, it’s a legal requirement....

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Mastering AI, driving productivity and filling skills gaps: The top priorities for L&D in 2024

Our annual research report is launching this month, but here are some initial exciting insights that we want to share with you. As with previous years, we have surveyed a series of 250 business, HR, and L&D leaders as part of our ILX Group research report. This allows us to identify the trends t...

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How does Agile project management help you respond effectively in an unpredictable and rapidly evolving world?

The world is changing unpredictably, business agility can help organisations to respond effectively to these VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) conditions. What does it mean to be Agile? The Agile Business Consortium defines business agility as a people-centred, organisatio...

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