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  • How does Agile project management help you respond effectively in an unpredictable and rapidly evolving world?

How does Agile project management help you respond effectively in an unpredictable and rapidly evolving world?

The world is changing unpredictably, business agility can help organisations to respond effectively to these VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) conditions.

What does it mean to be Agile?

The Agile Business Consortium defines business agility as a people-centred, organisation-wide capability that is purpose driven to deliver value and fuelled by people that are creatively collaborating in small value-focused empowered teams.

Agility in an organisations culture, leadership and governance enables agility in its capability to operate, change and support its business, and optimises agility in its delivery of value to its customers, its ecosystem, and its people. Plus, agility in strategy ensures that the organisation maintains a focus on delivery of value.

What does business agility allow you to do?

An Agile organisation has the ability to:

  • Adapt quickly to market changes both internally and externally
  • Respond rapidly and flexibly to customer and ecosystem needs
  • Lead change in a productive and cost-effective way without compromising quality
  • Sustain a competitive advantage

What skills will an individual develop through Agile training that contributes to wider business agility?

Through Agile project management, individuals and teams can develop a wide range of skills, including:

  • Collaboration: Encouraging open communication between project teams and external stakeholders, Agile teaches skills in collaboration and teamwork
  • Emotional intelligence: Due to its collaborative and people-centric nature, Agile teaches you to manage your emotions and understand others, improving overall team dynamics
  • Leadership: Agile teaches you to effectively guide your project team in rapidly changing project environments, improving decision-making and encouraging mentorship
  • Adaptability: Using an Agile approach, you will become skilled at adjusting project plans and strategies in response to new information or evolving customer needs
  • Strategic thinking: Agile promotes a results-orientated mindset which encourages big-picture thinking and allows you to focus on achieving project goals
  • Business agility: Taking an Agile approach builds a culture of innovation which enables you to quickly adapt and align business strategy with changing market conditions and customer needs

Your Agile learning journey

At ILX Group, we offer a wide variety of Agile training for project managers. Our courses will teach you how to use different techniques and methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, and will help you scale Agile within your business.

Watch our recent webinar: “How do Agile approaches help you respond effectively in an unpredictable and rapidly evolving world?” to learn more, or view our full list of Agile courses to start your training.