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The differences between online and virtual learning

Online? Virtual? E-Learning? As we all transition to learning at our desks rather than in a classroom, how do we distinguish between course types? And how do we know what is right for us? At ILX, we’re here to clear things up…

Clarifying the jargon

First up, it’s worth noting that both virtual and e-learning courses are both online courses. That is, they require an internet connection in order to complete them.

The ‘e’ in e-learning stands for electronic, and literally just means that the course is delivered using electronic devices. Virtual learning, whilst also electronic, is about replicating a learning space in the virtual environment.

Here at ILX Group we offer both e-learning and virtual courses, and whilst they are similar in that they will cover the same content and are both delivered online, they are quite different in format. Each course type will suit a different candidate’s preferred learning style and work schedule.

What is virtual learning?

Virtual learning combines the face-to-face nature of the classroom experience with the ease and convenience of learning online. At ILX we offer VILT - Virtual Instructor Led Training. Meaning courses are guided via live video and audio streaming with one of our highly experienced expert trainers. These trainers offer one-to-one tuition and group activities.

The courses are delivered through the renowned GoToTraining platform, which displays course content on screen, alongside the instructor. We even throw some fun in the mix with quizzes along the way.

Timing-wise the course will run on set dates within office hours, and will be anything from one to five days in length - perfect for becoming fully qualified in under a week! You can view our latest course dates here. Virtual learning is effectively the classroom course experience from home.

What is e-learning?

E-learning courses at ILX are interactive, multimedia-rich packages developed by our learning specialists, subject matter experts and technical developers. Unlike virtual learning, e-learning courses are not instructor-led. Instead they are digitally-native, self-paced and interactive, with revision games, an exam simulator and in-house expertise just a few clicks away should you need help.

These courses are among the best accredited online learning in the world. They’re taken from the official syllabus and have gained accreditation from the relevant official body. Learners can take advantage of the built-in revision pad for making notes, use the exam simulator tool to test their skills, and even partake in games alone or in a group to enhance the learning experience with some fun and friendly competition.

The self-paced nature of our e-learning courses enables candidates to conveniently fit their studies around work, childcare and other life schedules. This on-demand approach of self-directed learning gives candidates access to course materials and ILX tutor panel support for an entire year.

Should I pick e-learning or virtual?

When deciding between an e-learning or virtual course it is important to recognise which format best suits you. E-learning vs virtual boils down to whether you need the structure or flexibility more. Virtual courses offer great structure with timed classes, on set dates and with strong guidance throughout. E-learning is much more self-managed, offering flexibility to fit in study where your schedule allows.

A tailored approach

If both choices sound good to you, then consider our blended learning option. This lets you complete the Foundation level of a course as e-learning before moving on to the Practitioner level as a virtual (or classroom) workshop. Alternatively, if your whole team or department wishes to become qualified get in touch with us for our corporate licences and tailored options. We even offer ILX Connect which allows management and team leads visibility of each employee’s learning progress.

Whichever option you choose, online learning is the perfect option for upskilling without even leaving your home. Browse the host of e-learning and virtual courses at ILX and start your learning journey today.