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APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) Support classroom

The PPQ is an examination-based qualification that assesses your capability in delivering professional projects. The assessment is based on a pre-seen case study and is divided into three parts: a scenario assessment, an oral exam assessment and a written report. The syllabus for this qualification details the learning outcomes and assessment criteria that you need to demonstrate throughout the assessment. The syllabus for this qualification is aligned to the APM competence framework, the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition and the role profiles for a Project Manager.

ILX can provide support for cohorts of delegates that wish to prepare for the formal APM PPQ examination. 

About the course

We have divided our support offering into three parts:

  1. Knowledge self-assessment: Prior to attending workshop one, using our PCAT assessment tool all candidates will self-assess their baseline knowledge. Revision learning will be triggered where appropriate, utilizing the relevant sections of the ILX APM PMQ elearning course.
  2. Workshop one (1 day) : This workshop will introduce the PPQ assessment model and cover the knowledge requirements on problem solving. The workshop will focus on analysing and understanding the case study and building a checklist to enable candidates to assess the real one. It will then look at the report requirements of the assessment and candidates will submit a draft report, which will be marked by an independent reviewer and feedback provided prior to workshop two. Candidates must bring a personal latop to the event to enable them to complete the draft report. 
  3. Workshop two (1 day): A group review of the report feedback to ensure all learning points are captured by all candidates. The remainder of the workshop will cover preparation activities for the scenario and oral exam elements and provide opportunities to answer scenario and oral exam type questions.


To meet the requirements of the assessment, you should be able to draw on a broad range of knowledge established through experience and personal development. Topics include governance, leadership, virtual teams, communication, conflict, team development/ management, engagement and influence.

This qualification is aimed at existing Project Managers or those within a control function of a large project or programme who have 3 or more years’ experience of working in noncomplex projects. This is not a knowledge-based qualification, it is about demonstrating the ability to apply existing knowledge to a given project.

This qualification assumes a knowledge level of the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ). The PCAT knowledge self-assessment carried out as part of our support workshop is to check this level of knowledge and provide revision only for those areas that will be most useful in taking this qualification. 

If you do not meet the above knowledge and experience requirements, we suggest you look at the Project Management Qualification (PMQ) as a step to build your knowledge and look to gain more experience in a project environment before you attempt the Project Professional Qualification.

Please be advised the APM recommends approximately 70 hours preparation for the PPQ examination.

For more detailed information regarding whats included please email us directly at contactus@ilxgroup.com so we can discuss your requirements in more detail. 

What's covered?

The purpose of the ILX support process is to:

  • Review the syllabus to ensure you understand the PPQ candidate requirements
  • Provide online learning to revise knowledge if required
  • Provide a structured method to analyse the case study
  • Provide a structured method and techniques for problem solving
  • Practice and feedback on report writing for the assessment
  • Guidance on preparing for and undertaking the scenario
  • Guidance on what to expect in the oral exam

Target audience

The APM Project Professional Qualification is aimed at any project professional either:

  • working in project management and looking to take the next step in their career;
  • holding the APM Project Management Qualification or equivalent;
  • looking to become a Full Member of APM (MAPM);
  • looking to achieve the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard via route 1.

There are three elements to the APM Project Professional Qualification, and these are based on a pre-seen case study. The elements will address the assessment criteria detailed in the syllabus.

  1. Scenario
  2. Oral examination
  3. Report

The scenario and oral examination will be conducted by two assessors using a virtual meeting application.

The report element will be held under examination conditions using APM’s Qualification Platform, Surpass, and will be remotely invigilated using ProctorExam. Details regarding the technical requirements and a copy of the APM rules and regulations relating to exams are available here.

Exam format

1. Scenario assessment: The scenario assessment is a role play situation, with one of the assessors taking on a specific role and the candidate taking on the role of project manager. The assessment is based on a new event/information which will impact the project detailed in the pre-seen case study.

You will have 10 minutes preparation time and 20 minutes for the scenario role play.

Each scenario assessment will always cover the following syllabus area:

  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders to achieve a project’s objectives

And one of the following:

  • Negotiate effectively with stakeholders to achieve a project’s objectives
  • Resolve problems taking a logical approach to the problem-solving process
  • Make decisions which support the objectives of a project The scenario is worth 20 marks. 10 marks for the assessment of effective communication and 10 marks for the assessment of either problem solving or decision making or negotiation.

2. Oral exam: The oral exam will be conducted by two assessors and will last 50 minutes. All questions will need to be answered as though you were managing the project detailed in the pre-seen case study. The oral exam is worth 40 marks. Four learning outcomes selected across the three units will be assessed.

3. Project report: You will need to produce a project report as detailed in the question you are given. The project report will be based on the pre-seen case study. You will have 60 minutes to produce the report online plus 15 minutes reading time; this will be invigilated. The project report is worth 30 marks. One learning outcome selected across the three units will be assessed.

What is assessed?

To pass you must demonstrate your capabilities in an environment akin to a project professional’s working practices including:

  • effective leadership and management,
  • effective governance and oversight
  • effective planning and control.

This qualification is aligned to the APM Competence Framework, the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition and based on the role profiles for a project

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