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Leadership in project management

Transforming your effective project managers, into inspirational project leaders.

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From managers to leaders

Modern projects and programmes are complex. Delivering successful outcomes requires balancing the business reality, whether that be legacy IT systems, changing workforces or regulatory constraints, with the business need for an increased pace of change. Project management is synonymous with organisational change and for today's project managers, leadership skills, are vital.

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We're running a public schedule version of our Project Leadership Programme, and we're now taking bookings!

The academy runs over a period of six month, and includes four hours of coaching, plus 10 days of virtual workshops:

  • Module 0 – Fri 8 Oct
    (¾ day)
  • Module 1 – Mon 1 Nov
    (2 days)
  • Module 2 – Mon 29 Nov
    (2 days)
  • Module 3 – Thurs 3 Feb
    (2 days)
  • Module 4 – Thurs 3 Mar
    (2 days)
  • Module 5 – Fri 8 Apr
    (1 day)
Price: £3,995 / €4,795

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Introducing the ILX leadership programme

Focused on practical experience gained whilst delivering complex projects and programmes, the ILX Modern PM Leadership Programme prepares project managers to succeed at the highest levels. By refreshing their approach to management and leadership, your project managers will gain new insights into the impact that personal decisions have on project outcomes.

We developed this programme to give project managers the awareness and thinking skills to identify what really matters, develop resilience to overcome challenges, and gain the confidence to lead with authority. Our programme will prepare your project managers to lead projects effectively in times of increased uncertainty, and to navigate through continuous change.

Shifting their focus from transactional activities (such as time, cost, quality and efficiency), to project effectiveness and delivery of value, this programme will help them to motivate people and inspire a higher level of performance, whilst managing complexity, competing priorities and constraints.
As a result, your project managers will emerge prepared to help your organisation deliver greater value to customers, and their focus will be on delivering outcomes and benefits that are aligned to the business strategy.

The Modern Project Manager Leadership Programme journey
Project Managers will transition from being effective project managers, into inspirational project leaders.
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How does it work?

The ILX Modern PM Leadership Programme has been designed for technically competent project and programme managers, with significant management responsibilities, and is particularly appropriate for General Managers and Directors, Transformation Directors and Senior Project Managers.

It is delivered over five one-day workshops, which will take place over a period of 3–6 months.

Module one: Discovery

Self-awareness and critical thinking leads to an understanding that qualifications are not the same as leadership

Module two: Time to think

Be more effective by focusing on what matters

Module three: Tough love

Learn practical, real leadership skills that prepare you to take leadership responsibilities in matrix environments

Module four: Learning to juggle

Cut through to the essentials - getting things done, developing resilience

Module five: Learning from learning

Embedding core leadership behaviours, sharing the success achieved from new approaches to show others in the organisation how

Technical electives are available to compliment the core programme, covering change, business analysis, business cases and project finance. For more information on the ILX leadership programme, please get in touch.

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