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Lean Six Sigma for Services Black Belt classroom

Lean Six Sigma for Services Black belt builds on the competencies developed within the ILX Lean Six Sigma for Services Green Belt training and is designed for delegates who have decided to make lean six sigma a career choice.

About the course

This intensive five day course will allow delegates to complement the skills learned in the Green Belt training with more advanced statistical tools and learn to cover the role of Black Belt and Project coach. The profile of a Black Belt is that of a lean six sigma expert typically leading lean six sigma projects, but also delivering training and coaching to other members of the organisation. Therefore, a minimum time commitment around 50% (or more) of their working time is recommended to anyone seeking a Black Belt accreditation.



Five days



The ILX Lean Six Sigma for Services Green Belt certification.


Learning objectives

Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be able to:

  • Identify potential improvements in their organisation (Project selection)
  • Lead complex lean six sigma projects
  • Apply advanced statistical techniques (Regression analysis, design of experiments, measurement system analysis, etc.)
  • Train and coach lean six sigma teams
  • Become proficient in the use of professional software for statistical analysis (MINITAB)
  • Drive change and continuous improvement
  • All accompanying course material
  • ILX administered Lean Six Sigma for Services Black Belt examination
  • Assessment by the ILX Group Lean Six Sigma expert of Project work which is mandatory to obtain the ILX Lean Six Sigma for Services Black Belt certification

What's covered?

  • Lean six sigma methods – Reminder
  • DEFINE: Lean six sigma programme and project management
  • DEFINE: Probability theory
  • MEASURE: Measurement information model (reminder)
  • MEASURE: Measurement system analysis / Gage R&R / Attribute agreement analysis
  • ANALYSE: Advanced data analysis (e.g. Regression models, non-parametric tests)
  • IMPROVE: Design of experiments
  • CONTROL: Advanced statistical process control
  • Lean six sigma and change management
  • Coaching and facilitation techniques
  • Teaching lean six sigma
  • Lean six sigma for services – Delegates project work

Target audience

  • Head of Change and Continuous Improvement
  • Project and Programme Manager
  • Process Improvement Experts
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belts

You will be required to complete some pre-course work prior to your attendance to ensure you are fully prepared for this classroom course. Whilst attending, you should also be prepared to complete some evening work.

The requirements for the ILX Lean Six Sigma for Services Black Belt certification are:

  • Attendance to the five day course (100%)
  • Passing the ILX Lean Six Sigma for Services Black Belt examination: administered on the last day of the ILX Black Belt course. Multiple choice exam, open book (required threshold 70%)
  • Deliver a real Lean Six Sigma project with your organisation, demonstrating a Return on Investment and Champion sign-off of project results. Project work is assessed by ILX Group Lean Six Sigma experts and is mandatory to obtain the ILX Lean Six Sigma for Services Black Belt Certification. Projects have to be completed and a formal report has to be submitted, within 12 months of completing the ILX Black Belt course. 

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