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Building a credible, capable and competent workforce – an enterprise-level approach. Part 1

By ILX Team | 27 November 2018

One of the more enlightening conversations I can remember having with a board of directors was when I was suggesting that perhaps, given that the company was in a remarkably bad position at the time, we should look at the competence of the people managing our projects. We had just written off around...

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Creating a Project Plan

By ILX Team | 26 November 2018

However big or small your project, a detailed and well-thought out plan will help it run smoothly and achieve the best results. In fact, creating this plan is one of the most important parts of the entire process. Get it right, and you’ll get your project off to the perfect start and arm your team w...

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Are the odds in your favour?

By ILX Team | 6 November 2018

The concept of risk management is not a foreign one to most people who have encountered a project. Of course, we have all seen risk registers and spoken of the risks in a project, but we sometimes fail to make the distinction between things – often negative things – that are already happening, and r...

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ITIL® 4 Updates

By ILX Team | 25 October 2018

You may or may not have heard by now that next year ITIL® is being updated, and ITIL 4 will come to life. But what does that mean for you? Well fear not, in this blog post we’ve broken down exactly what is happening with the ITIL qualifications and how this will affect both those who are, and are no...

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Successful Project Management Strategies

By ILX Team | 25 October 2018

Successful project management is complex. But good managers can make it look straightforward, bringing projects of all sizes to completion on time and within budget. Yet throughout even the most successful projects, there’s always the risk of it derailing. That’s why the best managers use tried and...

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In the spotlight: Matt Finch

By ILX Team | 8 October 2018

A couple of months ago we launched our ‘in the spotlight’ blog series, which takes a look at some of our customers’ stories and how they’re using their qualifications in their day-to-day roles. This month we chatted to Matt Finch. So, Matt, tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do, where a...

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Built to last: the foundations of a PMO

By ILX Team | 30 August 2018

The portfolio management office (PMO) is considered by many to be the core component of an organisation’s project delivery capability. But why do some businesses consider it to be so vital? And how do you go about setting one up from scratch? Building an effective PMO is not always a straightforw...

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