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In the spotlight: Kyle Edmund Hayes

If you’ve been reading along with us this month, you’ll know that we’ve been celebrating our 30th birthday and, as such, have also been exploring what our customers who are also in their 30s are doing in their roles. First up is Kyle Edmund Hayes. Hi Kyle – would you like to introduce yourself...

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30 influential people in project management

The list of influential people in the project management industry is seemingly endless. But as we continue to celebrate our 30th year as specialists in project, programme and portfolio management training, we wanted to compile a list of 30 people we consider to be influential to others in the profes...

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30 things to do to ensure project success

This could be your first project, or it could be your thirtieth, but either way, there are always lessons to be learned from any project environment. So, to continue our 30th birthday celebrations, here are thirty things we recommend to ensure your projects are a success, with a few lighthearted...

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Which Project Management Course is best for you?

Want to make your mark on the world of project management but don’t quite know where to start? We have you covered, read on to learn more about the many courses we offer, and which may suit you best. Just starting out in Project Management? If you are looking to dip your toe into the vast worl...

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The change curve…where do your team sit?

Does anyone really enjoy change? You’d probably be hard-pressed to find someone who would embrace it with open arms. Yet, in our working lives, it is inevitable. So, how do you manage a team of people who are undergoing change? How do you anticipate and plan for behaviours that will impact a chan...

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Finding the hidden treasure in your project processes

Nothing is worth less than “hidden treasure” but if you can find the treasures buried just below the surface of your everyday project routines, you can quickly add real value to your process. Most project frameworks are familiar and yours is probably no different. Standardised reporting? Check...

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Happy International Women’s Day from ILX!

International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to recognise (and celebrate!) the work, lives struggles and achievements of women around the world. Project Management has been a typically male-dominated role since its infancy, and even today the ratio still sits at 70:30. However, this is chang...

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