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The importance of Project Management for SMEs

Without a project manager, the task of seeing a project from conception to completion falls on company executives. Their position already has them rushed off their feet with day to day business running, managing, tackling challenges and innovating. And yet, so many SMEs elect to work with what they’...

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Starting a remote job during a pandemic

So, you’ve made it through a grueling, remote interview process and have landed yourself that dream job, or at least, a version of it. But that was just the beginning of what is gearing up to be an anxiety-ridden time in your career due to COVID-19 and imposed remote working. However, it does not ha...

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Data-driven leadership: What it is and why it matters

A recent report has found that 97.2% of companies are investing in big data and AI. This cannot simply be brushed off as merely future-proofing the business, there are deeper drivers behind this vast investment. Companies are seeking to shift to being data-driven. That is, businesses who can rely on...

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The differences between online and virtual learning

Online? Virtual? E-Learning? As we all transition to learning at our desks rather than in a classroom, how do we distinguish between course types? And how do we know what is right for us? At ILX, we’re here to clear things up… Clarifying the jargon First up, it’s worth noting that both virtual...

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Projecting the future of office life

Clunky video call meetings and kitchen table offices have become the norm as we commit to working from home during the global pandemic. So, as restrictions are gradually lifted, what might the future look like for office workers? Here we speculate on some of the changes which could be afoot. Grea...

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The benefits of the following courses: MSP, P3O, Change Management & MoP

Chances are you have heard of many of our training courses at ILX, but you may not know what they’re about, or what their benefits are. So, in this blog, we’re going to give you a rundown of a couple of the courses, what they entail and the skills you can gain. Why should you complete a project man...

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6 fun Python projects to build your data science portfolio

Who said creating Python projects to build your data science portfolio couldn’t be fun? When it comes to learning a new language like Python, it’s hard to know where to start, especially when you’re looking to improve your data science repertoire. However, the good news is that your journey o...

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