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Change is constant, uncertainty is rising – are your project leaders prepared?

If the landscape you operate in is changing fast, then what… First a mini rant. Am I alone in getting fed up about the lack of plain English that’s written today? If I read one more article about existential threats or paradigm shifts that are going to impact us, I think I might explode. I get...

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Are project managers mentally exhausted from COVID-19?

A project manager’s role is much like a juggling act. Keeping each ‘baton’ of the project moving is challenging at the best of times, but when COVID-19 came along PMs were expected to perform it all whilst standing on a ball! Even the most talented project professionals have been pushed to the limit...

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MS Project: What it is and how it can benefit you

The busy life of a project professional can be made easier by technology. Having the right tools is the first step to improving day to day work in any profession. However, more importantly, is being able to utilise those tools to your benefit. For today’s project professionals, a piece of softwar...

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SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS: what's the difference?

It’s hard to imagine a world without Google Apps, Dropbox, Slack, Netflix and Spotify. As consumers, our habits have been changed by cloud computing in a relatively short time span. Yet, it’s not that long ago that businesses were debating whether to transition into the cloud at all. The internet...

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Digital transformation technology training: Introducing a brand new partnership with Simplilearn

At ILX Group we are very excited to announce a brand new partnership deal with Simplilearn, a leading global digital skills training provider based in San Francisco and Bangalore, India. As an authorised partner, we will exclusively bring Simplilearn’s best in-class digital training programmes to th...

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How to take on a remote employee during a pandemic

Whilst some return to the office, there are still plenty of us who continue to work from home as a result of the current pandemic. For employers this likely means taking on any new recruits via phone or video interview. Whilst this isn’t too challenging, introducing a fully remote employee into your...

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7 essential skills all data scientists need and how to build them

It’s an exciting time to be a data scientist. As our world becomes ever-more data driven, data scientists are in high demand to help investigate, forecast, review, advise and much more. Plus, the pay is good! So, if you’ve decided to throw your hat in the data science ring, or you’re building on...

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