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How to sustain the momentum of continuous improvement

Organisations will often introduce initiatives in order to motivate employees. As they strive to do better, companies will set targets for their teams and offer rewards when goals are met. It’s nothing new; businesses have been incentivising good performance for decades. However, many organisatio...

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The recipe for leadership success

Being an exceptional leader is paramount for the success of your projects, your organisation, your team, and yourself. But what does it take to be a successful leader? Whilst some may give you pointers, here at ILX we’ve provided you with a recipe for success! Read on as we set out the core ingredie...

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ProPath: The brand new certification pathway launches at ILX

AXELOS, the accrediting body behind PRINCE®, ITIL®, MSP® and more, has launched a brand new certification pathway. This exciting new certification scheme is called ProPath and is made up of three routes and three new designations. It brings together the world’s leading project, programme and portfol...

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Upskilling is the way forward in the digital economy

We are going through another Industrial Revolution. While steam drove the First Industrial Revolution, electricity the Second, digital computing the Third, the Fourth one is much more complex. The technologies that are at the forefront of this transformation include large-scale digitisation, artific...

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What is Scrum training?

If your company is shifting towards a more agile way of working you may have heard the term ‘scrum’ bandied about. But what is the scrum framework? How does it link to agile practices? And what training is available to support you when mastering scrum? Read on to find out. What is scrum? As we’ve...

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3 reasons why data scientists are important to companies

The future of data science Data and analytics have become the key catalysts of organisations’ digital transformation efforts in the current volatile world. It’s been predicted that by 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will include information as a critical asset, and analytics will be seen as an es...

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Navigating the digital workplace

The shakeup of the coronavirus pandemic is having a lasting effect on the digital workplace. For tech-savvy organisations, the focus is shifting from office technologies to how ‘on-site’ and remote working can work in synchrony through smart use of tech as for many working from home is set to stay....

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