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Which Business Analysis course is right for me?

Business Analysis skills are in high demand, and with the right course you can gain understanding, build the fundamental skills and knowledge, and learn how to uncover the business needs and identify the solutions. But which course is the right one for you? What roles do each of our courses best sui...

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5 ways to implement Agile successfully

If you have already committed to making the transition to Agile practices, then you likely already know the endless benefits of this methodology. Agile boasts better product quality, a reduction in risks, and continuous improvement. This proactive project management approach meets the demands of the...

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How to become a Project Manager

Project management can be a challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and varied career. Increasingly, organisations of all sizes and industries have the need for talented project professionals to bring their projects in on time and on budget. The demand for these skills isn’t showing any signs of dwindlin...

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Lessons in combating workplace stress from top companies: Bumble, Lloyds, Google and more

Organisations have had to cope with a crisis beyond COVID-19 in recent months. The crisis of burnout has been sweeping employees, causing low moods, poor performance, depression, and time off work. Just as workplaces have been revolutionised at the hands of the pandemic, they now too must overhau...

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Settling the debate: Is remote working here to stay?

As we learn to live with the coronavirus, the jury is still out as to whether we should return to the office. From mixed emotions to confusing regulations, we are here to discuss it all, iron some things out, and maybe even settle the debate on whether remote working is here to stay. Long live the...

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The role of trust in leadership

Deloitte’s insights and studies never fail to grab our attention here at ILX. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend having a read of their latest free online magazine. One particular article that caught our eye this month is ‘The value of resilient leadership’, an insightful piece about the ro...

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How to negotiate in the project profession

As a project professional, strong negotiation skills will help you achieve the results you want. But not all of us are naturally gifted in the art of bargaining. Fret not, we are here to help. Like all skills, negotiating is something we can work on, and with our guidance you’ll be striking successf...

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