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Why is the Praxis Framework™ essential for effective project, programme, and portfolio management (P3M)?

Project managers face many challenges in their day-to-day work from ensuring that scope and budgets do not creep beyond initial agreements, to maintaining good communication throughout the project team and meeting fast-approaching deadlines.

Implementing a structured approach, such as the Praxis Framework™, can help equip project managers with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the modern industry, which can prove beneficial in many ways.

Learn best practice and improve project success rates

The Praxis Framework offers clear guidance for best practice that encompasses the entire project lifecycle. It provides a detailed set of processes to guide professionals through from project initiation and planning to evaluation and closure. Developing this knowledge will help to streamline an individual’s abilities, boosting project success rates and ensuring project goals and objectives are met.

Develop a common language

Providing a standardised set of terminology, concepts, and principles, the Praxis Framework helps establish a shared vocabulary that project managers, team members and stakeholders can use. This common language helps to eliminate misunderstandings and ambiguities, fostering an environment of collaboration and clear communication amongst a project team.

Take a flexible and agile approach to P3M

On an organisational basis, the Praxis Framework recognises the diverse needs of modern projects, and as a result it provides guidance that is tailorable to businesses and projects of various sizes within many different industries.

On an individual level, the framework also provides advice for project managers to help integrate agile approaches with traditional project management methods. This allows a project professional to select the best approach for any given scenario and remain flexible throughout the project lifecycle.

Enhance professional development

By training in the Praxis Framework, an individual can improve their project management knowledge and skills, making them a more valuable addition to their organisation. It also sets them on a clear learning pathway starting with Praxis Framework Foundation qualification with the opportunity to progress all the way through to Chartered Project Professional (ChPP).

Become immersed in a network of industry professionals

Regularly contributed to by Praxis qualified experts, the framework has established a network of project professionals who ensure the methodology remains in line with updates in the industry. Once certified individuals will become a part of this network and can engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and seek advice from this diverse group of people.

Continue learning through a wealth of freely available resources

Details of the Praxis Framework are all freely available on the official website (www.praxisframework.org), along with a selection of useful resources including a glossary, encyclopaedia, book recommendations for extended reading, and more. All of which encourages an individual to continue learning and developing their project management abilities.

Want to learn more?

If you want to improve your project, programme or portfolio management skills, the Praxis Framework can offer a valuable training solution, teaching you the knowledge required for all three disciplines with no need to recertify.

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