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Courses to study after PRINCE2

As a project professional, PRINCE2® is often a natural first step when it comes to skills development. Both the PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile® qualifications will improve your ability to manage a project, and make you a more attractive candidate to employers.

But choosing the right course can be difficult and, even more so, choosing the next course you complete in order to continue learning. Here, we’ll highlight various PRINCE2 courses you could study, as well as the best next option for you.

Is PRINCE2 worth it?

PRINCE2 is popular methodology worldwide and, as a result, can be a valuable asset for anyone looking to pursue a career in project management. Employers in this industry will often look for the certification as proof of an individual’s abilities. Therefore, having it on your CV can help open doors.

PRINCE2 offers a structured approach to managing projects, outlining clear roles, responsibilities, and processes. As a result, applying the methodology increases the likelihood of project success, helping you deliver projects on time and within budget.

The latest iteration of PRINCE2 is PRINCE2 7th edition, which is an evolution of the methodology, which includes the latest updates to the guidance.

Find out more about PRINCE2.

Which PRINCE2 course should I do?

PRINCE2 Foundation

The PRINCE2 Foundation qualifications serves as an entry point to the world of project management. It equips you with a fundamental understanding of the methodology including key concepts, terminology, principles, and themes.

Which PRINCE2 course should I do next?

Once you’ve completed the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, the logical next step is to start training to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

Where the Foundation qualification focuses on teaching you the knowledge surrounding PRINCE2, the Practitioner course equips you to apply this in real-world project scenarios. Once certified you’ll be able to tailor the methodology to any given situation.

 Pre-requisites for PRINCE2 Practitioner

To start your training in PRINCE2 Practitioner you must first have certified in one of the following:

Which PRINCE2 course should I do next?

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a perfect choice for those that work for bigger organisations which often have multiple projects and change initiatives running concurrently. It is the most widely adopted programme management methodology and is therefore an ideal choice if you’re looking to progress your career.

Alternatively, have you considered PRINCE2 Agile®?


The PRINCE2 Agile qualification combines the best of both worlds: the flexibility of agile and the structured governance of PRINCE2. It teaches you how blend PRINCE2 with agile practices ensuring effective project management.

Learn more about PRINCE2 Agile.

Pre-requisites for PRINCE2 Agile

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation has no pre-requisites, however, to take the Practitioner exam you will need to have certified in one of the following:

Which PRINCE2 course should I do next?

Many organisations are now adopting agile or hybrid approaches. If you’d like to delve deeper into the world of agile project management, AgilePM® could be a great option. Alternatively, Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner will help you further enhance your capabilities in these areas.

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Is PRINCE2 the only qualification I need?

While there are many advantages to having a PRINCE2 certification, global trends suggest this alone may not suffice. In the always-competitive employment market and project management industry additional knowledge may be required to help you progress your career and become a successful project manager.

Simply put, it may no longer be enough to know just the PRINCE2 method and model. You also have to exhibit a thorough understanding of risk, management of change, or value analysis. Your comprehension of these subject areas can make or break a project. Having an understanding of more than one methodology, or taking more interest in these specific areas, may provide the extra push that realises your project benefits.

How can ILX help?

Whether you’re looking to train in PRINCE2 and start your certification journey, or hoping to strengthen your prospects beyond this one methodology, we have the selection of courses available to support you.

View our full range of project management courses, or contact us to discuss the best course for you.