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The recipe for leadership success

Being an exceptional leader is paramount for the success of your projects, your organisation, your team, and yourself. But what does it take to be a successful leader? Whilst some may give you pointers, here at ILX we’ve provided you with a recipe for success! Read on as we set out the core ingredients, throw in some added extras and season to taste!

The main ingredients: vision and drive

One of the most powerful traits you can possess as a leader is having vision. The other is drive! The best leaders have the ability to look into their company’s future and set clear, actionable goals. Pair this with the determination to achieve your goals and your vision will be elevated!

To be a visionary, a leader must manage change. They must be agile and adaptable whilst always steering the company towards the end goal. This will entail navigating new approaches, seizing opportunities, and helping the organisation evolve without getting distracted from its vision. Without vision, leaders and their companies have no clear path and are vulnerable to pitfalls, which is why we’ve named it a main ingredient for leadership success!

A good helping of drive will help you on the journey to your vision. The two go together like macaroni and cheese, rice and peas, pasta and meatballs! Drive can help you to accomplish even the most optimistic goals. What’s more, by radiating enthusiasm, your team will naturally be drawn to you. Your persistence, excitement and self-confidence will rub off. Inspiring confidence and charisma amongst others is key to success. Leaders may be the visionaries, but they will fall flat without the flavours (talents) of the team.

A scoop of effective communication

Successful leadership depends upon effective communication. From knowing when to talk and when to listen, through to choosing the best method of communication for your audience. Leaders are the chefs for this recipe, so what you put in you will get back! Listen well and speak clearly. Be succinct so that you are understood, but also genuine and approachable.

Communication is how ideas and information are exchanged, and so it is important that you set the bar for your team. Communication lines should be open in order to form trust and build a transparent culture where individuals feel both connected and valued. Optimise the communication so that projects and workflows run smoothly. Not only will this keep employees happy and motivated, but it will also improve performance and outcomes.

A large helping of growth

Just like the veggies on the side, growth is what every leader needs a good helping of in order to healthily succeed. It’s just about finding the most palatable option for your tastes! At ILX our growth and learning opportunities are varied and there are options for e-learning, virtual classes and classroom-based sessions for each of our courses. Skills development is good for you and your team!

On the road to leadership success, it is essential that you invest in yourself and in those around you. Consider a Project Management Professional training course to take your leadership skills to the next level. Or how about enrolling your entire team on a PRINCE2 Agile training course to better their understanding of flexible, adaptable working practices.

Investing in your employees is as much about monetary investment as it is emotional investment. A good leader can empower individuals to challenge themselves professionally. Inspire, encourage and motivate their growth through leading by example, providing ample opportunities, and guiding them.

Add a pinch of innovation

Leadership success depends upon innovating. New ideas carry a level of risk, but with smart risk management methods you will be armed with best practices for handling change effectively. Top leaders must foster a culture of innovation, whereby teams are empowered to bring ideas to the table, and new approaches are met with an open mind.

A good leader must see potential and understand that change is inevitable. With that mindset they will inspire their employees to innovate, and employees will not be afraid to rise to a challenge. Unique perspectives should be taken advantage of and encouraged. Whether it’s a tough project, legislation changes, or a picky client - allowing your team to tackle the situation with freedom and creativity is a great opportunity for all parties. Employees will gain the satisfaction of overcoming the challenge, and projects will thrive.

Round it all off with a slice of humble pie

When cooking up your recipe for leadership success there will likely be errors along the way. You may burn the toast or spill the milk, but with some determination and a little reflection you can figure out where you went wrong and work to prevail.

That is why we are finishing off our recipe with a slice of humble pie! Think of this dessert as your time to gain feedback on your leadership, self-reflect and to learn lessons. Equipped with perseverance and the right ingredients, you are sure to master the delicious taste of leadership success in no time!