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Make 2022 the year you embrace AI as part of your digital transformation

The steep learning curve of the last two years has affected the technology sector in a monumental way. Investments, such as research grants to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, have meant that technology has progressed at rapid speed. Improved funding has led to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning making leaps and bounds. And now, the health sector’s technology advancements are benefitting wider society too.

Advancements in technology can be, and should be, utilised by all types of organisations. Through proper planning and well thought-out implementation, AI can form a key part of your company’s digital transformation strategy. With endless benefits from saving time and money, through to improved accuracy, here’s why you should make 2022 the year you embrace AI...

Accelerating technology in 2020 and 2021

If there is anything positive to come from the coronavirus pandemic, it is the triumphant way in which technology has accelerated. Thousands of AI research projects have been set underway globally, and those who have published their research, findings, knowledge and methods have paved the way for the wider economy to leverage their innovations. AI advancements made by the health sector have been adopted across business in order to help overcome the wider effects of the pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence has been pivotal in operational continuity through the pandemic. Those who have successfully adopted and used AI technology have benefited from more effectively managed supply chains and improved monitoring. AI can now even prompt corrective actions and assist in recommendations for preventative measures. Through a time of uncertainty where businesses have acted cautiously, those who have made best use of AI will have not only remained operational, but also made great initial steps on the journey of digital transformation.

Responding with resilience and agility

The more advanced AI becomes, the more it has the power to make recommendations bespoke to your business and to changing circumstances. Through clever monitoring, AI can predict both disruptions and demand with a good degree of accuracy. Using machine learning technologies in your company can improve efficiencies and assist with business decision making. The more you know, the more you can be prepared. Companies embracing AI are building their resilience and are becoming better prepared to respond to change, with improved stability as a result.

Big tech companies and startups alike are breaking ground, reimagining technologies to help with business stability and progress. Software is advancing, which improves business agility and gives companies a competitive edge. In a climate of continued uncertainty, AI technology has the potential to flag vulnerabilities, allowing companies to respond and act. Paired with agile practices, businesses can react more quickly, and smoothly adapt to changing market conditions or client demands. As confidence grows for business sustainability, digital transformation gives companies optimism.

Predicting Artificial Intelligence's next steps

As we look ahead, it is apparent that the widespread demand for AI is going to make it more widely available to the masses. The knock-on effect is bound to be that more advanced technology is going to become more affordable, and more accessible. The demand for AI should help to drive the cost of software down, and the continued preference for remote or hybrid working means tools will be increasingly developed for mobile devices and use on-the-go. AI will go beyond diagnostics and work to improve customer experience too.

It’s clear that organisations must have a vision for digital transformation. As we make our ‘post-pandemic’ plans and rethink how our business will operate in 2022. We must focus on technology as part of our change efforts, and look at ways AI can be embraced in order to accelerate our digital transformation and spur future growth.

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