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Why choose online learning?

Learning online has soared during the coronavirus pandemic. Surprisingly, even as restrictions have eased, and we’ve been allowed to be together in-person again, the preference of online learning over classroom-based courses has continued. Which raises the question; is this merely a concern of safety or a matter of what we have become accustomed to? Or is there a bigger force at play? Are there strong benefits of online-based courses which keep us tied to this way of learning? We think so! Read on…

The benefits of online learning over classroom learning

Staying ahead has never been easier. With online courses, professional development training is literally only a click away! At ILX we offer world-class certifications in a whole host of topic areas. Our courses come in both e-learning and Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) formats, allowing candidates to choose a style which suits them.

Here’s a brief lowdown on each:

E-Learning is a self-paced online course. Most of our e-learning courses give candidates full access to materials for 12 months, truly allowing them to work through the course materials at their own speed. This provides the freedom to pick up study around work and other commitments. With mock exams included in most of our courses too, candidates can test themselves ahead of the exam.

Virtual courses are essentially classroom courses which take place over webcam. Our accredited trainers create an interactive classroom environment using technology. These live sessions have become increasingly sophisticated so that they mimic the classroom experience, including breakaway areas for study chats, and various interactive elements.

Whichever style of online upskilling you opt for, there are numerous reasons to embrace remote learning –

1.    Unrivalled flexibility

Our work lives have moved away from nine-to-five, office-based routines, and so have our studies. Online learning offers unrivalled flexibility to train remotely, at any time, from anywhere. E-learning provides candidates with the opportunity to progress whilst retaining a much-desired balance in life.

2.    Ultimate Convenience

Our busy lives centre around convenience. The ability to pick up and park studies as needed, and access content when it suits, offers candidates the ultimate convenience. In this way, online learning provides freedom, allows professionals to be responsive, and maximises precious training time. The ease of being able to upskill without leaving the home is all part of the appeal of online learning for time-poor yet ambitious individuals.

3.    Fun and interactive

Developments in technology not only make online learning more accessible but more personalised and immersive too. Gamification is widely used in online learning. The theory is that learners learn best when they are also having fun. In our virtual courses, we are continually innovating, and our trainers aim to make the training increasingly interactive for participants.

4.    High engagement

At ILX we are constantly striving to make your e-learning as user-friendly and engaging as possible too, which is why we have developed the ILX Player App. The app is free from Google Play or the App Store, and is a great way to access your ILX e-learning course on the go. You can study from anywhere without even the need for an internet connection.

5.    No commute

Not having to travel to a classroom location saves candidates time and money. With online learning, there is no lengthy commute involved, no travel expenses, nor costly hotel stays, and it is even better for the planet! Training remotely is a cost-effective way to gain a top qualification. With ILX, world-class certifications are delivered right to your home through the power of the internet!

If you are yet to give online learning a go, we hope this article has persuaded you. And if you are a keen virtual or e-student, then hopefully it has reassured you of the extensive benefits of this way of learning, and that you are making a great choice. Online learning can help you to achieve great things. Still sceptical? Fret not, our classroom learning option is an option for those who like to learn in person, or why not try our blended learning approach for a mix of both?