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CERTX: Saudi Arabia’s first professional certification conference

From May 16-18 this year, Riyadh will host the first International Conference and Exhibition for Professional Certification (CERTX) at the Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski.


CERTX will play host to an exhibition of over 50 organisations from this industry, to begin introducing international qualifications to the Saudi market. The event will also include an array of training sessions and workshops to give insight into what’s on offer, as well as useful tips and techniques to help prepare you for any courses you may consider.

CERTX already has over 5000 registered visitors, ranging from recent graduates looking to improve their employability, to industry professionals aiming to expand and develop the Saudi market’s place in this industry.

Saudi Arabia’s vision is to grow as a knowledge-based economy, and CERTX is helping to support this by emphasising the key role that professional development certifications play in realising this vision. CERTX also aims to create a platform on which both regional and international professionals can work together to develop Saudi’s human resources and, ultimately, increase awareness of the importance of education and training.

Khalid Al-Hafta, Chairman of CERTX Organising Committee and CEO of IEEC, the organizing company behind CERTX, has stated that Saudi Arabia has spent ‘over $400 billion’ on education and training in the last ten years, and it is figures such as this that highlight the ‘tremendous focus’ on developing the country’s ‘human capital’. Al-Hafta has also mentioned how he hopes that CERTX will help to continue to support the country in building a ‘highly qualified workforce’, and ‘encourage young Saudis to pursue continued learning and professional development.’

CERTX will be a great opportunity both to learn more about project management and the qualifications on offer in the Middle East, and to meet other like-minded professionals. So, if you’re interested in attending the event you can register here.

Our Regional Director for the Middle East and Africa, Amit Kotecha, will be attending the event. If you’d like to speak to him in person, or if you’d like to find out more about how ILX can improve the effectiveness of your organisation through the delivery of world-class project, programme and portfolio management learning solutions, you can contact Amit via email or by calling him directly on +971 (0) 561 496 498.