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Building your career with DevOps

Back in 2018, leading research company Gartner produced a study which found that 59% of organizations had deployed an AI initiative led by a project manager. As time rolls on, technology continues to advance and become more commonplace in all manner of industries. As a result, we are seeing the roles and responsibilities of project professionals diversify. The demands placed upon them are advancing, and as such, it is paramount that their skill set keeps up.

Breaking down the silos

Leveraging technology can bring great value to your business. It has the power to optimise your resources and enhance the decision making process. IT leaders and project managers alike must work to integrate tech seamlessly across their organisation. Development can no longer be compartmentalised, as it touches every part of a business. Likewise, operations are unable to fully function as a standalone department.

The business environment is growing ever more complex and this is presenting new challenges for organisations. In order to overcome these successfully, it is clear that we must bring together departments, break down the silos, and unite teams. This is where DevOps comes in.

Taking project management practices to the next level

DevOps is a best practice software project management approach which unifies teams. By complying with production standards, consistency and quality are assured across various teams and sectors of the business. At ILX we offer DevOps certification training which has a common target audience of Software Developers, Architects, and IT and Development Managers, but is increasingly being completed by Technical Project Managers, Operations Support and Deployment Engineers.

The benefits of DevOps can be felt right throughout the business. DevOps practices improve collaboration between development and operations. System development life cycles are shortened – the build, test and release process happens far more quickly. But what’s more, the standardised practice gives developers and operations the ability to solve critical issues faster, in turn improving productivity.

With the DevOps training programme, you become an expert in continuous integration deployment and configuration management too. DevOps prioritises working on projects in iterations with regular deliverables, and, as such, enables teams to respond to feedback and continuously adapt. The course takes understanding the principles of inter-team collaboration to the next level. It teaches IT service agility, and to use DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, TeamCity, Ansible, and Nagios with a practical, hands-on and interactive approach.

Developing the talents of project professionals

The future of the business environment is sure to continue to grow in complexity, leading organisations to seek new talents and demand more of their project professionals. Those in IT, development, operations and even project management must be prepared for their roles and practices to evolve.

Transitioning to a more integrated environment is going to take effort from the whole team. They must adapt to new ways of working and be committed to collaborating. All project professionals must demonstrate an understanding of tech’s role as it accelerates in their company. For leaders, building competencies with DevOps training is a great place to start. It teaches techniques for solving real-world problems, improving output, efficiency, and productivity as a result. It can give you an advantage over competitors and subsequently advance your career prospects.