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Become a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP): A roadmap through the Praxis Framework™

According to a report from the Association for Project Management, 58% of Chartered Project Professionals (ChPP) earn over £70,000 annually. The ChPP is an APM Recognised Assessment Scheme, reaching this standard is a professional benchmark that demonstrates an individual’s ability to consistently deliver successful projects, adhere to ethical standards, and contribute significantly to the profession.

One way to reach Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) is via the Praxis Framework™ individual pathway.

Step 1 – Praxis Foundation

The journey starting point is Praxis Foundation. This qualification teaches individuals the theoretical knowledge needed to become a successful project manager, including:

  • Key principles and terminology used in the industry
  • The typical phases in a project lifecycle
  • Commonly used project documents
  • The roles and responsibilities of core stakeholders and project team members

Step 2 – Praxis Practitioner

The next level in this pathway is Praxis Practitioner, at which point individuals will learn how to put the knowledge developed in step 1 into practice.

The Praxis Practitioner qualification teaches individuals:

  • How to tailor and apply best practice to different project scenarios and environments
  • Gain a deeper understanding of risk, benefits and change management
  • Develop leadership skills and learn how to effectively lead and manage project teams

To progress through the remaining stages, it is crucial that project managers continue to apply the Praxis Framework guidance in their projects.

Step 3 – Praxis Professional

The third rung on this ladder is Praxis Professional. This level requires individuals to showcase their experience in managing complex projects and programmes, applying the Praxis Framework.

To achieve this certification, individuals need to demonstrate that they:

  • Have extensive experience managing projects and/or programmes
  • Have advanced technical expertise
  • Are capable of critically assessing and analysing current practices and methods

Once secured this qualification grants the exemptions for Route 2 towards obtaining ChPP from the UK’s Association for Project Management (APM).

Step 4 (the final destination) – Chartered Project Professional

To become a ChPP, applicants must go through an assessment process managed by the APM.

In addition to achieving Praxis Professional, applicants are required to:

  • Provide two references
  • Demonstrate a commitment to professional ethics
  • Show current practice in the field
  • Exhibit dedication to continuing professional development with proof of 35 hours of this in the past year
  • Partake in a 30 minute interview

Once Chartered status is achieved, professionals will reach a level of external validation that can help boost reputation, offer new opportunities for career progression, and builds a sense of trust with clients and colleagues.

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