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Comparing AgilePM and Scrum

According to research by Accenture, high-performing companies are six times more likely to use agile practices. When it comes to agile software development, Scrum is probably the marquee name. AgilePM prides itself on compatibility with other frameworks, but can it fit in with Scrum?

AgilePM vs Scrum

‘AgilePM vs Scrum’ is actually a bit of a misnomer. The idea behind AgilePM is to fit in with other frameworks, which includes Scrum. AgilePM takes elements from best practices like those of PRINCE2. At the same time, it offers Scrum’s quick responses and release cycles. What we get is a framework that supports early and regular releases, but with important guiding documents. The resulting system can slot into any other project or IT environment.

A lot of people want to train for just one certificate and use its lessons for every project. This is the main reason why Scrum and AgilePM is positioned as one or the other. The truth is, there are a lot of standards and every organization has its own way of working. The ideal project manager has a working knowledge of many systems, and can pick and choose what to use based off the work environment. That’s why AgilePM was first developed, and why it continues to be useful.

For example, organizations that already use Scrum might want an AgilePM certificate holder because Scrum only handles the product delivery. AgilePM goes further by promoting trust and co-operation between the business and developers. The two frameworks can, and often do, work together.

How to use AgilePM with Scrum

Because Scrum is focused on product delivery, that’s where projects can use it. These same projects can use AgilePM for the start-up, project management and governance. Because Scrum doesn’t address project management, many take that to mean projects shouldn’t have managers at all. The problem is, teams might want a business case to keep them on track, and sponsors might want a spokesperson for the project. Organizations that value project management can still use Scrum. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be your only tool.

Whatever tools you’re working with next, AgilePM will be a great companion. Built for any project or IT environment, this is the perfect framework for agile-minded organizations. We offer AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner courses. We even offer a pass pledge for the Foundation exam. That means unsuccessful candidates can retake the exam for free within three months. If you have any questions or queries about AgilePM or other courses, feel free to reach us through our contact page.