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5 benefits of project management

Effective project management can make an otherwise bumpy road feel smooth. It will ensure projects come in on time, on budget and with satisfied customers. Here are five key ways in which project management is crucial for success.

1. Clear leadership from the start

Even the best laid out plans can fail without the right leadership. A project manager leads by example if they are highly organised, work with determination, are able to cope well in pressured situations, and communicate with integrity. They will be a role model for the rest of the team. They must have the ability to talk, but also to listen to people on all different levels. An empathetic ear can ensure team members’ concerns for a project are accounted for and if required, action can be taken.

Project management will offer clear leadership for a project from the start. This can mitigate a whole host of potential bumps in the road further down the line which could be caused by poor leadership. Clear leadership drives a project and is instrumental in its success.

2. Well managed resources

Cleverly managing project resources can mean the difference between project failure and success. The term ‘resources’ covers not only budget management - materials, staffing etc. But it also includes skills management - utilising the skills of the project team effectively, technologies management. Resource management looks at what is at hand, and what gaps to fill. And much more dependent on the nature of individual projects.

Resources must be well managed so that the project remains on track and on budget. Planning at the start of a project is essential, and a scope and schedule of work should include where resources may be used. However, while the use of resources should be well considered at the planning stage, an agile project management technique will allow flexibility for use of available assets, and is a clever approach to resource management.

3. A fresh perspective

Project management can offer a fresh perspective. A well-managed project considers the outlook of stakeholders and the opinions of team members, as well as external bureaucracy; and forms a balanced approach. But more than that, it offers a step back and a new outlook that those too involved in the project can’t always see.

Taking on a seasoned project manager will bring experience to the table - a Project Management Professional qualification is ideal for evidencing this. They will have dealt with project failures as well as successes and will have learned from the mistakes made. While no two projects are ever the same, experience can be invaluable.

A great advantage of project management is that it looks at the wider picture. How the project and its outcomes fit with your business strategy, what you are trying to achieve and the long term goals of the business.

4. Stronger relationships

A project manager will engage with stakeholders and team members alike to gain an understanding of the challenges they face. Taking into account the pain points of these parties develops a level of trust and in turn builds stronger relationships.

A strong working relationship can improve team productivity and the quality of work. Project management brings stakeholders, staff teams and clients together. This helps them work towards the same end goal. With a clear scope and everyone on the same page, no party should feel that they are ‘up against it’ or being challenged by another party. The clarity of a good scope and a well-trusted project management is great for morale, and even better for forming strong relationships.

5. Improved customer satisfaction

A good client relationship goes hand in hand with increased client satisfaction. However, without project management, tasks can fall behind, projects can lose focus and costs can escalate. This inevitably results in a dissatisfied client, and could be detrimental to future business. Customer satisfaction relies on more than just a good team to client relationship – top-notch project management is paramount!

Project management benefits from strong relationships both internally and externally, a clever use of resources and clear project leadership with a balanced outlook. But these are also all key for project success. The end goal of any project is a happy customer, and professional project management is the ideal way to achieve this.