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3 Areas where professionals can upskill with home learning

Alongside the rise of remote working, home learning is increasing in popularity too. Professionals are recognising the value of upskilling – from impressing senior management to improving prospects; not to mention making their daily role that bit easier. So, whether you are shooting for a promotion or looking to enhance your CV, investing in training could be a great choice for your career.

Here we delve into three popular courses which we offer at ILX. We’ll outline how they benefit various professionals, the opportunities the courses can unlock, and generally how each can make you better at your job.

Master risk management

Our Management of Risk course is ideal for those looking to build their decision-making capabilities by proactively controlling risks. The framework is suited to a host of organisational occupations – strategic, programme, project and operational. As such, it suits managers from each of these fields, or in fact anyone in a role responsible for identifying, assessing, or reporting risk.

Exposure to risk of any kind - positive or negative - will have an impact on business outcomes. This training course covers identifying these risks, as well as ways to control the exposure. By learning to successfully manage risks you can meet business objectives and positively impact your organisation.

The Foundation course covers the groundwork – introducing risk identification and assessment, as well as control of risks. The practitioner course builds on this knowledge, ensuring you have applicational understanding of M_o_R in a scenario situation.

In terms of home learning, the M_o_R courses are available in e-learning and virtual format for the Foundation course, virtual format for the Practitioner programme, and virtual or blended learning for the Foundation & Practitioner package; offering you the flexibility to choose a learning style which best suits you.

Glossary of terms:

E-Learning - an online training course completed at your own pace with 12 months’ access

Virtual - generally 2 - 5 days of training in an online ‘virtual’ classroom environment

Blended learning - self-paced online learning (12 months’ access) with a 2 day workshop

Discover how to add value with training

At ILX we offer an engaging Management of Value course, designed to suit those looking to maximise value in line with objectives. This e-learning course is highly interactive, using animation and activities to engage and onboard the user. It takes approximately six hours to complete - equivalent to a two-day workshop - but comes with a full year's access, allowing the delegate to study at their own pace and fit learning into their busy schedule. Best of all the course comes with full online tutor support.

The accredited foundation course aligns with the AXELOS Programme and Project Management guidance; methods which are tried and tested for successful management of value. The main body of the course consists of 11 sessions which covers MoV principles, processes and techniques. It also covers the MoV approach and implementation, the MoV environment, embedding MoV and the MoV guidance appendices.

The management of value training is suited to a whole host of management roles including, but not limited to:

  • Corporate managers who may have a view to starting new programmes or projects.
  • Programme and Project managers who will need to ensure best value solutions for stakeholders and will be looking to manage the values a project delivers.
  • Operational managers who may be responsible for undertaking MoV studies to assist in reviewing operational procedures and improving efficiency.
  • Any other personnel with an interest or responsibility for MoV with their organisation.

Learn how to manage benefits

The APMG-International Managing Benefits training programmes at ILX are perfect for any professional in a change management role. Be it change leaders such as senior owners, strategic planners and those involved with initiating change, business case developers, or change support staff such as project or programme teams. The courses cover the Managing Benefits methodology as well as application.

The Managing Benefits framework provides guidance on what measurable benefits organisations need to deliver to satisfy the strategic objectives. It teaches professionals how to identify the benefits and also how to maximise benefits from change initiatives. By applying the framework to projects and programmes, qualified individuals are better equipped to prioritise resources on the most beneficial activities.

The course comes as a foundation level in e-learning or virtual format (see glossary of terms above), and with or without the plus pack and exam. At this level delegates learn the definition of terms, principles and five practices of the benefits management cycle. They are introduced to implementation approaches, which are then built upon in the Practitioner course.

The Practitioner course develops the knowledge gained in the Foundation programme, and applies it to various scenarios and organisational environments. It focuses on implementation, selecting appropriate strategies to sustain and measure progress, and how to analyse and evaluate benefits management information.

The Practitioner course is delivered in virtual format in a 2-day workshop taught by our highly-experienced trainers. The course is designed to be engaging and interactive. Our passionate and knowledgeable instructors lead the course, but also allow you to interact with other participants and ask questions.

Alternatively, the APMG Managing Benefits training comes as a Foundation and Practitioner bundle - a 5 day virtual course, or if you prefer, in blended learning format.

Find out more about our home learning courses

Each of the courses mentioned above work to build a portfolio of valuable knowledge which professionals can develop from the comfort of their own home. Gaining skills and wisdom that will make their job come easier to them. We are confident in our courses and their ability to upskill professionals to help them thrive in their careers.

If you would like any further information on the courses click the specified links above, browse our full range using the ‘All Courses’ button above, or get in contact with us for tailored recommendations.