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APM learner suitability

Which course is appropriate for me?

ILX Group is committed to supporting your professional development by supporting you in selecting the right course to achieve your development goals in Project Management and Risk Management.

We deliver this commitment by supporting you in evaluating your current levels of knowledge and experience and providing clear guidance on the objectives of each course and which would be most appropriate for you to support your professional development.

Getting started

Please watch this video as it walks you through the process of confirming your suitability for your chosen course:

Confirming you are ready to take your chosen course

To ensure that you choose the most suitable qualification for your development you must:

  • Review the target audience for each course which is available on the corresponding product page on the ILX website.
  • Complete the free APM Competence framework assessment which benchmarks your performance against the 29 competences in the APM framework available here. This self-assessment is free but requires you to create an APM login.
  • Compare your performance with APM defined role descriptions.
  • Review the learning plan for each course including the requirements for both Guided and Directed Learning.
  • Commit to the learning hours and plan required to support your development and enables you to meet the assessment criteria for your chosen course.

What happens if I need help?

Contact us via email contactus@ilxgroup.com. We are here to help you and want to support all our clients in making the right learning choices.