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.NET Programming E-learning

With this .NET programming course by ILX, you will learn about the concepts of creating .NET projects, advanced techniques and procedures.

Course overview

About the course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the .NET space and .NET coding using C#, also the Visual Studio Environment, data connections, the C# language, winform and web forms projects.

What's covered?

  • Lesson 1 - Course introduction 
  • Lesson 2 - A tour of the visual studio integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Lesson 3 - The visual studio IDE in action 
  • Lesson 4 - Using the visual studio IDE to connect to data 
  • Lesson 5 - A starting primer for the C# programming language 
  • Lesson 6 - Starting a Winforms project 
  • Lesson 7 - Making your Winforms project become a usable software application 
  • Lesson 8 - A web development with Visual Studio Primer 
  • Lesson 9 - Creating a working website with Visual Studio

Target audience

The .NET programming course is suitable for

  • Anyone with an interest in creating their own projects from scratch
  • Professionals who want to gain an understanding of Visual Studio and .NET development
  • Professionals who want to learn programming through pragmatic example


It would be useful to have a basic understanding of C# but it's not necessary.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create .Net projects on your own
  • Understand advanced techniques and procedures
  • Create Windows Forms and web-based projects with Visual Studio

What's included?

This course is offered by Simplilearn, a partner of ILX Group.

Duration of access

12 months online access to accredited e-learning