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Digital and Social Selling Certified Professional

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5+ hours

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Digital & Social Selling Certified Professional E-learning

The term social selling was coined in 2012 and is an element within digital selling. Social selling is using social as a means of driving business, while digital selling is creating an entire ecosystem that is leveraging all the assets that are occurring both online and offline - e.g. sales automation sales automation, online presentations, digital documents, CRM operations and more.

This digital selling course will help sales and marketing professionals sharpen their digital and social selling skills and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. You will learn about modern CRM and sales intelligence tools and how to improve social media engagement, generate better quality prospects, more revenue, and drive faster conversions.

Course overview

About the course

The digital and social selling training course will teach you how to integrate digital techniques into your sales process and enhance the sales performance. You will also get hands-on experience with digital and social selling through several case studies and projects that are also included in this course.

What's covered?

  • Lesson 1 – Attract your customers

Section 1 - Introduction to digital selling - beyond social selling
1.1 What is digital selling?
1.2 What makes a successful digital business
1.3 The difference between digital selling and social selling
1.4 The importance of digital sales tools
Section 2 - Developing digital selling credibility
2.1 Importance of developing a strong social media profile
2.2 Advantages of building a personal brand
2.3 Building a strong personal brand
2.4 Enhancing social credibility
2.5 Managing your social platforms Part 1-4
Project 1 - building digital sales credibility

  • Lesson 2 – Connect with your customers

Section 3 - Digital research and developing buyer personas
3.1 Defining the buyer journey
3.2 In