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Desktop IT

Course type:

2 days

Without exams

Desktop IT Advanced Excel classroom

Course overview

About the course

This two-day course focuses on advanced methods of data management. Connecting Excel to other data sources and utilising Pivot Tables to analyse and present results from the cornerstone of this course. Each section is reinforced with real-life examples that enable delegates to test their new-found knowledge. There is also a workshop (time permitting) to look at specific individual needs.

What's covered?

  • What are Pivot Tables?
  • Creating a Pivot Table from scratch
  • Setting up Pivot Charts
  • Updating Pivot Tables
  • Utilising the new slicers features
  • Adding formulas to Pivots
  • Looking at performance metrics
  • Conditional formatting a Pivot Table
  • Advanced IF statements
  • Utilising COUNT functions
  • Data consolidation by position
  • Consolidating data using labels
  • Goal Seeking
  • Building your first scenario
  • Data projection using What-If
  • Adding sparklines
  • Setting up data tables
  • Using the worksheet as a database
  • Building advanced filters
  • Using outlining to handle large worksheets
  • Introduction to macros
  • Recording macros
  • Running macros from a shortcut
  • Editing macros
  • Creating icons to run macros
  • Customising the ribbon


2 Days

Target audience

This course is suitable for those who have attended the Intermediate course or have good knowledge and understanding of Excel and need to discover how Pivot Tables and macros are set up.

Learning objectives