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Why it works

With over 30 years of experience we know what is required to make e-learning work.

At ILX, the most important thing to us is customer satisfaction. Through ILX Connect we ensure our clients maximise the full potential that our e-learning has to offer.

ILX Connect

Helping you, the customer to realise the true benefits of using our e-learning.

ILX is continually striving to develop new and innovative ideas which will enhance your e-learning experience. After over 20 years of listening to our customers, learners and administrators, we understand exactly how to raise awareness, promote the benefits and maximise the uptake of e-learning. This has enabled us to develop a complete service around our highly innovative e-learning products and we have named this exciting new concept - ILX Connect.

We can help you:

  • Design your e-learning programme
  • Organise a launch event to promote your training
  • Assist with internal marketing
  • Offer support on how to approach the e-learning
  • Track and report learner progress
  • Organise exams
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The Benefits

The ILX Connect support service will offer invaluable advice and guidance during the roll out of your e-learning programme, to ensure optimum use of each course and that the end goal is achieved.

The benefits this service can provide are:

  • Increased user activity
  • Maximising the benefits that e-learning can bring to your learners and organisation
  • Delivering the desired results
  • Helping you to recognise a return on your investment

This will be done by:

  • Creating greater awareness of your e-learning
  • Communicating with the learners and setting expectations
  • Increased control and visibility of progress by the learner for the administrator
  • Offering continuous support for both the learner and the administrator
  • Information and guidance on exams

ILX Connect

World Globe

The ILX e-learning portal is a secure web based site that is customised to meet your company's requirements. Learners will be able to access their e-learning courses from work, home or wherever they have internet access. With a centralised reporting system that tracks user activity, you will be able to monitor the progress of each individual learner.

Benefits for the Administrator


The ILX Connect service offers support and training to each administrator throughout your licence term. This covers user maintenance; email template creation; user report generation; portal customisation; and reporting. ILX Connect will help administrators arrange examinations and offer advice on the best approach. We can also help you to collate your exam results to enable you to measure the success of the roll out of your training.

Benefits for the Learner


The ILX Connect team has identified that to run a successful training programme it is very important to communicate with the learners and help set expectations. The support that we offer covers: 'Your portal's features & functions'; an e-learning demonstration; 'How to plan and schedule your training'; Hints & tips on e-learning techniques; Resources available to support your e-learning; and exam information. Once the learner has been provided with this information they have everything they need to start their training. We encourage all learners to share their contact details and suggest setting up learning groups to encourage communication. Safe in the knowledge that they have access to a trainer and the ILX connect team they can approach their e-learning with confidence.

Benefits for the Organisation

Organisation Stats

The main aim of any training programme is to achieve the end goal, which from an organisation's perspective is to improve productivity and increase efficiency. This will ultimately result in the business recognising a return on their investment. ILX Connect is able to work with our customers to help them to achieve the desired end result.