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Personal Effectiveness

Course type:

1 day

Without exams

Personal Effectiveness Time Management classroom

Course overview

About the course

With the accelerated pace of change in the 21st century the pressures of modern business presenting a constant challenge, time management skills are at the top of most people's personal development wish lists. Finding time to stop and evaluate our professional working practices seems a luxury – yet must be the starting point if we are to regain control of our day-to-day workload.


What's covered?

  • Recognise time bandits and sources of distraction and disturbance
  • Evaluate your role and job purpose in order to have a clear focus
  • Understand the difference between importance and urgency and use a matrix to prioritise tasks effectively
  • Learn to deal assertively with those distracting you: manage expectations and learn to say, 'Not now.'
  • How to respond to changing priorities and other demands within your organisation
  • Learn practical ways to be more organised and effective – top tips

Target audience

Anyone who feels they need help to improve their organisation and prioritisation skills and to react assertively when others place demands on their time.

Learning objectives

  • The ability to identify the things that hinder you from being effective and how to counteract them
  • How to be assertive in order to reduce interruptions and manage expectations
  • Techniques to help you prioritise your workload
  • Develop the skills necessary to be more organised and reduce time-related stress