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'Which is the Best Project Management Methodology' Is the Wrong Question

By ILX Team | 3 August 2017

Many people ask, what’s the best methodology? Project software developers Liquid Planner may have the answer. This year, they released their report, State of Project Management in Manufacturing. Liquid Planner surveyed 106 US executives, engineers and project managers in manufacturing companies. 74%...

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Comparing AgilePM and Scrum

By ILX Team | 17 July 2017

According to research by Accenture, high-performing companies are six times more likely to use agile practices. When it comes to agile software development, Scrum is probably the marquee name. AgilePM prides itself on compatibility with other frameworks, but can it fit in with Scrum? AgilePM vs Scr...

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The Power of Negative Thinking

By ILX Team | 3 July 2017

Nobody wants the responsibility of being negative. However, there are times where you have to expect the worst. Successful projects need balance, which includes things like executive sponsor engagement and team autonomy. It also includes a balance of optimism and risk awareness. Sometimes, the naysa...

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10 Reasons to Use Programme Management

By ILX Team | 16 June 2017

A programme manager oversees an organisation’s collection of related projects. You may be considering programme management training. It could be that your organisation is integrating it. To find out why it’s worth doing, here are 10 benefits that programme managers offer: Business case managemen...

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How to Start a Project: 5 Easy Tips

By ILX Team | 5 June 2017

The start of a project is often the most intimidating.  You can make it easier on yourself with the right plan, team and full stakeholder support. Here are five tips for starting a project. When you lay the groundwork with a good start, it will pay off all the way to the end. Here are five tips for...

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Guarantee a Successful Project Transition in 5 Steps

By ILX Team | 22 May 2017

Whether a project is changing hands, or someone new is taking over, a transition is a make-or-break point for a project. If expectations or risks are not communicated effectively, a project can fall victim to scope creep, or miss the original goals entirely. According to the Project Management Insti...

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ILX releases Tackling Resource Shortage in the Project Management Industry, a whitepaper

By ILX Team | 16 May 2017

During December 2016 and January 2017, ILX Group ran a survey to gauge the current state of the project management industry. We have now released a whitepaper that summarises the key findings of the 20-question survey, which was completed by 2,554 respondents — all active Project, Programme and P...

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